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Last Annihilation Event Promises To Transform Marvel’s Cosmic Comics

Marvel Comics has announced a new Annihilation event, spearheaded by Al Ewing, that promises to relaunch the cosmic range. Marvel Comics has announced a Last Annihilation event, promising to transform their entire cosmic range. Until 2006, Marvel’s cosmic books had always seemed like something of an afterthought. Cosmic characters kept coming back to Earth because readers […]

Minecraft Player Invents Self-Assembling Railroad Using Redstone

An ingenious Minecraft player invents a Redstone-based design of a self-assembling railroad, which smoothly disappears once a minecart passes by. An ingenious Minecraft inventor came up with a Redstone-based design for a self-assembling railroad, which dynamically disassembles itself after use. The red dust known as Redstone, which is the counterpart to real-life electricity, has been […]

7 Grey’s Anatomy Episodes Where Meredith Almost Died

Meredith is an esteemed doctor who has saved many people, but the Grey’s Anatomy protagonist has had several brushes with death in the medical drama. Content Warning: The following articles contains discussions of near-death experiences, suicide, and gun violence. As the protagonist of Grey’s Anatomy, it makes sense that Meredith Grey would be one of the strongest characters. […]