Why Moriah Plath’s BF Max Is Her Ideal Match

Welcome to Plathville’s resident rebel Moriah Plath may have found her perfect match. She and Max are still going strong and have plenty in common.

Moriah Plath from Welcome to Plathville may have found a real catch when she started dating Max Kallschmidt, and we’re here to let fans know why he’s probably her ideal match. The aspiring model Max also got lucky when he found someone as open and adventurous as Moriah. These two lovebirds have admitted that they’ve had their ups and downs, but from the outside looking in, it appears that they could be meant for one another.

Moriah met her boyfriend Max through her brother Micah’s modeling friends. Moriah and Micah Plath moved out of their overbearing parents’ home at very young ages. Although it’s been tough for them to navigate the outside world after such insular childhoods, Moriah and Micah have both managed to carve out their own identities while transitioning from the teen years to young adulthood. Fans are speculating that Micah may be interested in his longtime friend Helena Parrish, and there is little doubt that Moriah and Max make a great pair.

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Moriah and Max have been dating for almost a year. They started dating officially on May 14, 2020. Max and Moriah have been celebrating their smaller milestones on Instagram. Each has dedicated romantic posts to their partner for different “anniversaries,” including Max’s loving 9-month message and Moriah’s recent 11-month celebration. Their shared love of small milestones shows that they have similar values when it comes to relationships. Max and Moriah’s Welcome to Plathville Instagram pages are places where they love to speak kindly about each other and show each other off.

Welcome to Plathville Moriah Max Instagram

Moriah admitted that she had trouble opening up to Max at the beginning of their relationship. Max actually broke up with her after two months of dating. He had trouble dealing with Moriah’s guarded nature. It seems that Max had her best interests at heart, and Moriah was able to spend that time on her own, working on herself. She processed at least some of the pain caused by her family. Many fans think Kim and Barry Plath let down their kids by sheltering them too much. When she and Max got back together, Moriah was able to be open with him, and the two have been supporting each other emotionally ever since. The fact that they could accept their breakup, learn from it, and come back stronger together shows that they are both approaching their relationship in the same mature and healthy way.

Moriah and Max also share very similar interests. Moriah has admitted on Welcome to Plathville that she loves “adventures.” For the sheltered model and fitness teacher, adventure means doing almost anything, from visiting a new state to jumping off a rope swing. Since Max grew up in the outside world, he is a great guide for Moriah. She can try new things with him. He also has the same travel bug that struck Moriah once she left the nest. He’s already taken her to many white sand beaches in his home state of Florida. Max and Moriah have built a strong foundation based on mutual support and similar interests, and even though they are young, it really seems like this well-matched relationship could stand the test of time.

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Source: Moriah Plath/Instagram, Max Kallschmidt/Instagram

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