Kelly Clarkson’s Salary & How Much Money She’s Made On Show

Kelly Clarkson is one of the highest-paid coaches of The Voice. Learn exactly how much money Kelly makes from her big salary on the show.

Since joining The Voice season 14, Kelly Clarkson has gone on to become one of the highest-paid coaches of all time on the show. As the story goes, Kelly started out her career on the first-ever season of American Idol. As the OG winner of the series, she has gone on to become a very successful pop star with millions of albums sold over the years. Ironically, Kelly Clarkson is so famous now that she’s not even that tightly associated with American Idol anymore. On the other hand, it will always be a huge part of her origin story.

In 2021, NBC announced that Kelly Clarkson will be returning to The Voice season 21. Despite her short time on the show as a coach, Kelly has already led three contestants to win the show: Brynn Cartelli (season 14), Chevel Shepherd (season 15), and Jake Hoot (season 17). Alas, she’s still behind Blake Shelton’s impressive lead of coaching seven The Voice winners. On the other hand, Kelly is already tied in second place with OG coach Adam Levine, who had also coached three singers to win the series during his time sitting on the red chair.

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NBC hired Kelly Clarkson to become a coach on The Voice season 14 all the way back in 2018. According to OK!, Kelly struck a deal to get paid $15 million per season. Considering that NBC puts out two seasons of The Voice every year, Kelly makes as much as $30 million a year as a coach on the series. She has now been on board for seven seasons, which means that she has so far made a total of $105 million from The Voice. As estimated by Celebrity Net Worth, Kelly has a current net worth of $45 million.

In 2020, Kelly Clarkson had to deal with a high-profile divorce from her longtime husband Brandon Blackstock. To make matters even worse, Brandon was also Kelly’s manager, which complicated the divorce proceedings even further. They had been married for seven years and went on to have two children together, and Kelly particularly worried about their kids as she filed for divorce. Curiously, Brandon Blackstock also happens to be the manager of Kelly’s The Voice co-star Blake Shelton.

All things considered, it appears that Kelly is interested in staying on The Voice for quite some time. Just like Blake Shelton, the fans have been watching Kelly Clarkson and John Legend as coaches for a few seasons now. According to recent reports, they’re being brought back for The Voice season 21 to star alongside newbie coach Ariana Grande.

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The Voice season 20 airs Mondays at 8 pm ET/PT on NBC.

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