Angry Tesla Owner Jumps On Model 3 At Shanghai Show To Protest Her EV’s Faulty Brakes

The Shanghai Auto Show became the stage of a protest by a rather angry Model 3 owner, who’s accusing Tesla of fitting her car with faulty brakes.

The owner visited Tesla’s booth at the Shanghai Auto Show and climbed on top of a Model 3 display car wearing a T-shirt with ‘Brake Lost Control’ in Chinese writing, with the scene shared on social media.

The woman was quickly surrounded by security guards, who used umbrellas to try and hide her message. However, she wasn’t having it, grabbing the umbrellas and throwing them away while yelling “Tesla brake lost control”, before eventually getting dragged from the roof of the car and escorted away.

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Tesla said to Bloomberg that the woman “is widely known for having repeatedly protested against Tesla’s brake issue”. Earlier, she was live streaming from inside the Shanghai Auto Show before reaching Tesla’s booth. According to a local representative, Tesla tried to persuade her from coming down from the car but when their efforts failed, they decided to ask for her removal from the security guards.

The Tesla owner claims that the brakes on her Model 3 failed, almost killing four of her family members in an accident. However, Tesla said that the data on the vehicle showed that the braking and driver assistance systems worked properly during the accident and that the speed before braking was around 75 mph (120 km/h).

Tesla added that it “places great emphasis” on consumer rights and that they offered several solutions in previous negotiations with the owner, who insisted on returning the car. Tesla even proposed to have the vehicle checked by a third party but the owner reportedly refused.

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Updated: April 19, 2021 — 7:23 pm

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