The Simpsons: 10 Best Reinventions Of Moe’s Tavern

Business hasn’t always been good at Homer Simpson’s favorite hangout joint, Moe’s Tavern. As a result, the owner Moe has always been forced to reinvent it from time to time. While the reinventions always appeared brilliant at first, the honeymoon didn’t always last. More often than not, something came up that forced the business to revert back to Moe’s Tavern.

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Despite the countless challenges that Moe has gone through, the tavern has never completely shut down. It’s as old as the animated sitcom itself, having first appeared in the series premiere. That’s over three decades of operations. Most businesses haven’t had that kind of longevity. Moe should definitely be given his flowers.

10 Drunken Donuts

Homer and his colleagues eat drunken donuts at work

Homer, Larry, and Barney decided to come up with a business idea on the fly as they were watching Professor Frink demonstrating his roller skater idea on the TV at Moe’s. When Moe asked them what every man wished for when he woke up, they all said Marge. When asked again, they said every man wanted donuts flavored with beer.

Moe immediately got the idea to sell beer-flavored donuts. This created animosity between him and Krusty since all of Krusty’s customers were now coming to Moe’s. Lard Lad was angry too because no one was coming to him for donuts either. Lard and Krusty tried to get the mafia to shut down Moe’s but the mafia was actually profiting from it. The police were also too drunk to shut it down. The bar was eventually closed after Duff sued Moe for using his catch phrase to acquire customers.

9 The Nag And Weasel

Marge and Moe's reinvented bar in Springfield

After Moe’s got shut down by a health inspector, Homer worried that he would lack a place to drink. He thus took a mortgage on his house and opened the bar. Marge, who had offered to become a business partner, redesigned the bar as a British pub known as The Nag and Weasel.

A problem emerged when Marge began spending too much time with Moe. The two eventually fell in love, forcing Homer to begin a campaign to win Marge back. He even stormed into a plane that she and Moe were flying, his antics causing everyone to be sucked out. Impressed by Homer’s antics, Marge left Moe and stopped being a business partner.

8 Moe’s Pet Shop

The police raid Moe's pet shop for selling alcohol illegally

During one of the many St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the animated sitcom, Bart got too drunk and teetotalers began calling for prohibition. Since the municipal government wanted to impress voters before the election, they considered banning alcohol. However, they discovered that alcohol had actually been banned in the city for 200 years.

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When they moved to enforce the old law, Moe had no option but to disguise the tavern as a pet shop. Unfortunately for him, the mafia was outselling him as they were thriving on prohibition by bribing city officers. Luckily, an old clerk discovered that the law had actually been repealed 199 years ago. This put Moe back at full operating capacity.

7 Uncle Moe’s Family Feedbag

Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa enter the Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag

Moe made the decision to convert the tavern to a family-friendly restaurant named Uncle Moe’s Family Feedbag after the Hibberts stopped by during a family day out and complained about lacking something to eat. He thus placed a variety of meals on the menu that would be appealing to kids.

The restaurant was initially very popular thanks to the signature “Million Dollar Birthday Fries.” To ensure he was on his best behavior, Moe promised to give out free food to every customer that he didn’t smile at. Unfortunately, he couldn’t stop himself from cursing and this made him lose nearly all of his customers.

6 Flaming Moe’s

Aerosmith perform at Flaming Moe's

Moe’s financial status once became so bad that he couldn’t pay the Duff Beer distributor. In an effort to save the business, a sympathetic Homer told Moe about a drink recipe he had invented. He called it the Flaming Homer. When Moe gave the drink to a customer, he completely loved it.

When the customer inquired about the name of the drink, Moe said it was called the Flaming Moe and insisted it was he who invented it. Word of mouth spread quickly and the tavern was soon packed beyond capacity. He renamed the tavern The Flaming Moe’s and it soon became so trendy that all celebrities were passing by. An angry Homer eventually ruined everything by telling customers that the secret ingredient was cough syrup.

5 Tokyo Roe’s Sushi Bar

A disappointed Homer and his friends after finding out that Moe's has been converted to a sushi bar

Homer was at his crazy best when he watched a movie Armageddon and became convinced that the world would be ending in less than a week. No one listened to him at first but then he made a prediction that stars would fall down. Something similar happened when a celebrity blimp crashed in Springfield.

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The incident led to residents believing. He soon had plenty of followers who joined him in waiting for the world to end. When that didn’t happen, he was deserted. Moe was the most affected since he had sold his bar to a Japanese company that went on to turn it into a very profitable sushi restaurant.

4 M

Revelers line up to gain entry into the reinvented M bar

Tired of having the same old boring customers like Homer, Moe returned to his bartending school, Swigmore University, to get some fresh ideas. One of his professors advised him to reinvent the tavern into a modern nightclub. Moe did as told and simply named the new place M.

The bar attracted lots of younger people and instead of Duff Beer, Moe served delicious Malaysian beer. Feeling like they didn’t fit in, Homer and his buddies started a new bar at the garage.

3 Mo’s

Moe welcomes new customers into his establishment

Moe got the idea to turn Moe’s Tavern into Mo’s after listening to business advice from Waylon Smithers Jr. Smithers told Moe that business was too slow and he needed to something about it. He suggested catering to the gay community since no one else was doing so in Springfield.

Upon realizing how much money he would make, Moe accepted the idea. Word spread around the LGBTQ+ community and soon the bar was packed to capacity. The fun didn’t last as Moe ended up losing customers when he mentioned that he wasn’t gay.

2 Eski-Moe’s

Homer walks out of the Eski-Moe's bar in Alaska

Appearing on The Simpsons Movie (2007), Eski-Moe’s was an alternate reality version of Moe’s Tavern. Homer visited it while he and his family were in Alaska. Homer was hiding from the Environmental Protection Agency after breaking Springfield’s environmental rules.

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Apart from having dozens of drinks at the bar, Homer also played the fake video game Grand Theft Walrus. He appeared to love the place even more than the original Moe’s Tavern.

1 Moe’s Ice Cream Carnival

In another attempt to appeal to children and people with a sweet tooth, Moe began serving ice cream. This was problematic because drunkards and children couldn’t coexist in the same space.

It didn’t take long for Moe to realize that neither kids nor adults wanted to come to his establishment. He thus reverted back to his usual business of selling alcohol only. This way, he could be assured of having regular customers like Homer.

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