Tesla Has Started Refunding Customers That Were Double-Billed For Their Cars

Tesla has finally started refunding those customers that it charged twice for new vehicle purchases.

In late March it was revealed that Tesla had introduced automated clearing house payments and almost immediately, some customers reported being double-billed for their purchases. One such customer, Tom Slattery, revealed that he had been charged twice for his Model Y to the tune of $106,000.

A number of other Tesla buyers reached out to CNBC and revealed that they too had been charged twice. A representative from one Tesla store claimed that hundreds of customers had been double-charged for new vehicle purchases and yet, the electric car manufacturer was slow to reach out to customers and initially failed to provide refunds.

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Now, CNBC has learned that many customers have been refunded for the extra charges. Six customers in California and North Carolina revealed it took about a week for their refunds to come through. They added that they also received payments for overdraft fees that were triggered by Tesla charging them twice. Tesla also reached out to affected customers this week in an email and provided each of them with a $200 credit to spend in a single visit at the company’s online store.

Speaking with the news outlet, California-based Tesla owner Clark Peterson said the response time from the company was unacceptable.

“While happy to have the whole situation sorted, I still feel that the response time was inadequate. It took days before Tesla had any kind of response, and they were holding our significant funds the whole time. And it took them five minutes to take those funds from our account.”

Updated: April 8, 2021 — 6:58 pm

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