Wonder Woman 1984 Golden Eagle Armor Took 6 Months To Make

Wonder Woman 1984 costume designer Lindy Hemming discusses crafting Diana’s iconic Golden Eagle armor, revealing it took six months to make.

Diana’s Golden Eagle armor in Wonder Woman 1984 took six months to make. The DC Extended Universe sequel released in December following several delays due to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s the first of many Warner Bros. movies to debut in theaters and on HBO Max the same day. Though Wonder Woman 1984 received mixed reviews, it was 2020’s biggest streaming release. It also scored the best opening weekend box office performance of any film to release during the pandemic. For these reasons, Warner Bros. announced Wonder Woman 3 only two days after the sequel’s release.

Diana’s Golden Eagle armor, a favorite from the comics, played a big role in Wonder Woman 1984‘s marketing campaign, featuring heavily in posters and merchandise. However, Diana doesn’t wear the impressive new costume until the film’s final battle. Earlier, she explains the Golden Eagle armor belonged to Asteria, a legendary warrior believed to be dead by Diana and her fellow Amazons. Wonder Woman 1984‘s credits scene flips this assumption on its head, revealing Asteria’s alive. That reveal and Diana’s use of the Golden Eagle armor are two of the movie’s most exciting moments, especially because Asteria is played by Lynda Carter, TV’s Wonder Woman from the 1970s.

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Speaking with VarietyWonder Woman 1984 costume designer Lindy Hemming discussed the process of crafting the Golden Eagle armor for the movie. She explained there were a lot of requirements, including not making the armor too “mirror-like” as to avoid reflections. Hemming also revealed star Gal Gadot went through different fittings for the costume, calling her “very patient with trying it all on.” Additionally, the designer went into detail about how long the Golden Eagle armor took to make:

It took at least six months from the first drawings and discussions to finish. From the drawings, we went into the 3D modeling. The costume is a bodysuit with a corset to support it all, and was made from individual panels so she [Gadot] could move.

Wonder Woman 1984 Golden Eagle Armor Explained

Considering the big role Diana’s Golden Eagle armor plays in Wonder Woman 1984, it makes sense creating it was a lengthy process. In addition to the technical challenges, Hemming and her team likely had to keep fans of the Wonder Woman comics in mind. Diana’s Golden Eagle armor is one of her most iconic looks, so it carries a lot of expectation with it. Luckily, the final product seen in Wonder Woman 1984 pays homage to the original costume while also making it work for the big screen.

Since the armor took so long to make, it stands to reason it could be used again in Wonder Woman 3. The credits scene makes this more likely, as it seems to tease Asteria playing some sort of role in the third film. If that happens, her armor could return again as well. Plus, since Diana only wears the new look for a small portion of Wonder Woman 1984, the movie only scratches the surface of its capabilities in battle. Hopefully, audiences haven’t seen the last of the Golden Eagle armor.

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Source: Variety

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