Will Marvel’s Forgotten Avenger Return to the Team?

Marvel’s Eternals consists of many god-like beings, but one character who once rose up to the ranks of the Avengers is absent from their new series.

Warning: Spoilers for Eternals #1!

The Eternals have made their triumphant return to Marvel Comics, but one of their most crucial members is missing in action. Ahead of their big-screen debut, this niche team of zany characters has appeared sporadically throughout the Marvel Universe ever since Jack Kirby created them back in 1976. And while they’ve had some trouble reaching mainstream popularity for some time now, their introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe is bound to up their notoriety in a big way. In the meantime, Marvel has rolled out the red carpet for the Eternals with a brand new comic series from writer Kieron Gillen and artist Esad Ribić, but the first issue is missing one of the most notable members of the god-like tribe.

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Sersi has been a mainstay of the Eternals since the team’s very first story arc. As an extrovert and accomplished fashion designer living in New York City, Sersi quickly became one of the most identifiable characters in a group largely consisting of self-serious beings, and her unique ability to cast grand illusions only helped her case. Sersi’s exclusive Manhattan parties eventually caught the attention of the Avengers and it wasn’t long before her infectious and bubbly personality earned her an official position on that team as well.

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But it’s been some time since Sersi fought alongside the Avengers. After once again awakening from death, the Eternals are back in the Marvel Universe, and the first thing Iron Man ponders when discovering their return is Sersi’s whereabouts. Upon encountering Ikaris and Sprite in Times Square, Stark immediately notes that they should tell Sersi to give him a call. It’s no surprise given Stark’s role in trying to get Sersi to sign the Superhuman Registration Act in Neil Gaiman’s Eternal’s run, but this small bit of dialogue does bring to mind Sersi’s absence from the story thus far.

Seeing as how the book emphasizes that every Eternal has been revived, there’s no question that Sersi is alive. In fact, the issue’s opening log places Sersi’s current location in Olympia, the Eternal’s earthbound home. However, her lack of presence in the first issue does bring to question just how much she will be involved in this new Eternals series moving forward. With a hundred characters to explore, perhaps prominent original members such as Sersi and Thena will take a temporary backseat to introduce brand new faces into Eternals lore.

The strongest argument to back up that Sersi will soon play a key role in Gillen and Ribić’s new Eternals series is that Gemma Chan will be appearing as the character in the upcoming MCU adaptation. It’s still unknown exactly how prominent Sersi’s part in the Eternals movie will be (she is listed as one of the main characters), but it’s safe to say that Marvel wouldn’t miss an opportunity to familiarize fans with Sersi so soon before her big silver screen break. All will be revealed as the Eternals‘ exciting new series continues to expand!

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