Why Leva Bonaparte Questions Kathryn’s Relationship

Leva Bonaparte is not just the new girl on Southern Charm but she is also openly questioning Kathryn Dennis’s current relationship with Chleb.

Leva Bonaparte is not just the new girl on Southern Charm, but she also openly questions Kathryn Dennis’s current relationship with Chleb Ravenell. The couple has been seen celebrating the holidays and New Year together. However, many people aren’t buying their legitimacy.

The new girl on the block has not won over as many Bravo fans, as she had hoped. The restauranteur has made it her mission to clean up Charleston and help remove confederate statues. Fans feel that she is making the show too political. But others would argue that she is just forcing viewers to see the injustices that are still plaguing the South.

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Kathryn Dennis of Southern Charm decided to make her relationship Instagram official back in October and debuted her new boyfriend, Chleb, on her social media. This is Kathryn’s first public relationship since her breakup with Hunter Price. But Leva has recently taken it upon herself to call out the courtship, questioning Kathryn’s true intentions.

Kathryn is still facing backlash for using a monkey emoji in an interaction with a Black radio show host that occurred last summer. Some of her Southern Charm co-stars are not buying into her new relationship, and even though she has apologized for her misuse of the monkey emoji, Leva, in particular, feels she is just trying to sweep her wrongdoings under the rug. While at lunch with Shep Rose, Kathryn revealed that she had started dating Chleb before the incident but was afraid to go public because she didn’t want people calling it “convenient.” She told Shep “My boyfriend is Black. Chleb and I have known each other since we started flirting and kind of hanging out probably before the quarantine.” Fans watched as Leva did admit that she felt it was “strategic” saying, “Banging a Black guy doesn’t make you woke.”

Only Kathryn knows if she is dating Chleb for the right reasons. The mother of two has bigger issues to deal with as many of her friends, including Danni Baird, have told her they felt betrayed by her. Sadly, what was supposed to be a nice beach party turned into a free for all with Kathryn slipping away as the drama ensued.

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