When & How Kreese Planted A Snake In Daniel’s Car Dealership

One of Cobra Kai season 3’s most shocking moments happens in episode 6 but the incident is actually a revenge for Amanda slapping Kreese in episode 5.

Warning: SPOILERS for Cobra Kai season 3.

One of Cobra Kai season 3’s most shocking moments is John Kreese (Martin Kove) planting a snake at Daniel LaRusso’s car dealership in episode 6, “King Cobra”, but how the events play out creates confusion as to what the snake is in retaliation for. Kreese was actually striking back at Daniel’s wife, Amanda (Courtney Henggeler), who stepped off the sidelines and joined in on the war against Cobra Kai and its sadistic sensei.

Kreese was disappointed that Cobra Kai essentially lost the West Valley High brawl that ended Cobra Kai season 2 but he used it as an opportunity to rally his most fanatical students as he looked to grow his dojo and make it stronger. Meanwhile, Kreese was delighted that public sentiment turned against Daniel LaRusso and that Miyagi-Do karate took the brunt of the blame for the high school melee. In Cobra Kai season 3, episode 2, “Nature Vs. Nurture”, Kreese introduced his students to his dojo’s new mascot, a snake, that he insisted a live mouse be fed to – and he kicked out his students who objected for being “too weak”. This snake would make the rounds on social media – Miguel Diaz (Xolo Mariduena) saw it on Instagram from his hospital bed in episode 4, “The Right Path” – and it’s the same snake that Kreese would later unleash at LaRusso Luxury Motors.

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Kreese’s pet snake was discovered at Daniel and Amanda’s car dealership at the end of Cobra Kai season 3, episode 6, “King Cobra”. It emerged from one of the cars on the showroom floor and it terrified the LaRussos’ employees and customers, which led to an evacuation of the dealership. Meanwhile, Kreese forced Armand (Ken Davitian) to call Daniel and tell him the secret deal the LaRussos concocted with Armand’s to cancel his contract as the Cobra Kai dojo’s landlord and forcibly evict Kreese was off. By that point, Kreese had beaten up Armand’s thuggish nephews and forced a confession out of the hapless landlord so he knew about the LaRussos’ plot against him. But “King Cobra”‘s timing and presentation made it seem as if the snake attacking Daniel’s dealership was Kreese’s revenge for the landlord scheme when the serpent was actually planted earlier – because of Amanda.

Cobra Kai Snake LaRusso Auto Group

One of Cobra Kai season 3’s savviest moves was finally involving Amanda in Daniel’s war with Cobra Kai. Mrs. LaRusso realized the full extent of the danger John Kreese posed to the community after her daughter Samantha (Mary Mouser) recounted Cobra Kai breaking Demetri’s (Gianni DeCenzo) arm at Golf N’ Stuff. Appalled that Kreese is actively encouraging the kids he teaches to hurt other kids, Amanda confronted Cobra Kai’s sensei at his dojo. Coming face-to-face with the unrepentant sociopath, Amanda belted Kreese across the face and vowed to stop him. This was the true incident that sparked Kreese’s scheme to leave his snake at the LaRussos’ auto dealership.

At some point between episodes 5 and 6, Kreese, who is ex-Special Forces, planted the snake inside the LaRussos’ showroom. It wasn’t just poetic justice and symbolism for Kreese; the snake also sabotaged the resurgence of the LaRussos’ business after Daniel traveled to Japan and Okinawa and saved his dealership by cutting a new deal with Doyona Motors. The snake was Kreese declaring war on both LaRussos, and it was merely convenient that at roughly the same time the snake was discovered, Cobra Kai’s sensei foiled Daniel and Amanda’s machinations to have Kreese evicted. But the timing made it seem like the snake was instant revenge on the LaRussos for trying to sic Armand on Kreese when it was actually vengeance on Amanda, specifically, for slapping him.

Strangely, Kreese didn’t follow up on whether his snake was discovered and the results of the message he sent to the LaRussos. Cobra Kai season 3 also didn’t resolve what happened to the snake but presumably, Daniel and Amanda called animal control to capture it. In episode 9, “Feel the Night”, Tory Nichols (Peyton List), Hawk (Jacob Bertrand), Kyler (Joe Seo), Robby Keene (Tanner Buchanan), and some other Cobra Kai broke into the Ventura Zoo to steal a new snake that became their dojo’s mascot, which pleased Sensei Kreese. How the new snake might factor into Cobra Kai season 4 remains to be seen.

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