The Goofiest Green Lantern Gets A Savage Upgrade

G’nort, the goofiest Green Lantern, has been portrayed for comic relief in the past, but no one is laughing at him now, as he gets a savage upgrade!

G’nort, one of the goofiest members of the Green Lantern Corps, is getting a savage upgrade in DC’s Future State. Long portrayed for comic relief, this new G’nort is strong and ferocious, and readers get to see him in action in the first story in Future State: Green Lantern #1 by writer Geoffrey Thorne, artist Tom Raney and colorist Mike Atiyeh. The issue will be in stores on January 12th.

Future State is a two-month event that, through a series of mini-series and anthologies, tells the story of a futuristic DC Universe. It is a brutal and dystopian world, where Metropolis is a war-zone, Swamp Thing has taken over New York City and Gotham is ruled by a fascist regime. New faces have taken over the mantles of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman; while there have also been some surprising returns. In Future State: Green Lantern, readers are treated to maybe one of the most surprising of them all: G’nort.

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Originally depicted in Green Lantern comics as bumbling and completely inept, G’nort nevertheless managed to stay a member in good standing of the GL Corps. He has been missing in action since the early days of the New 52 era. He was a mainstay during Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire’s Justice League International run as well. Resembling an anthropomorphic dog, G’nort was played mostly for laughs, as he fumbled his way through one job after the other. But now, in Future State, he is anything but comic relief. While still bearing a resemblance to a dog, he is much bigger now and much more coordinated. Yet what really sets him apart is how vicious he has become, sinking his teeth into an opponent, and ripping them to shreds.

Preview pages offer no explanation for what happened to G’nort over the years and what ultimately turned him from a goofy oaf into a savage predator? Will this new and brutal G’nort stick around once Future State concludes? Also, G’nort mentions there are no more rings and no more batteries – referring to a Green Lantern’s tools. What has happened to the Green Lantern Corp? Does it have something to do with G’nort’s transformation?

Future State is a dark take on the DC Universe, where Superman and Batman have terminated their friendship – and one of the goofiest Green Lanterns is now one of the most savage. There have been many surprising character twists in Future State so far, and G’nort’s metamorphosis into a ruthless killer may be one of the shocking.

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