The Best Twitter Reactions To TLC’s Welcome to Plathville

After the sizzling season finale, fans took to Twitter to post their hilarious reactions to the Welcome To Plathville episode and the show overall.

TLC’s Welcome to Plathville just wrapped up its second season with a fiery season finale in which Ethan Plath finally confronted his parents, Kim and Barry Plath. Twitter users expressed their strong thoughts and opinions like Twitter users always do – with hilarious memes. Here are some of the best reactions to Welcome to Plathville’s second season.

In the dramatic season finale, a line was drawn in the sand between the members of the Plath family. Things came to a contentious close when Ethan Plath arrived to say goodbye to his parents and siblings as he announced that he and his wife, Olivia, would be moving soon. Ethan finally unloaded all the thoughts he had about his parents and his frustration that they had spoken badly about his wife behind her back. When Ethan stated that Olivia would like to say goodbye to Ethan’s siblings but not his parents, Kim and Barry refused to allow his siblings to see Olivia. It was this dramatic confrontation that had Twitter up in arms about the harshness of the Plath parents.

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One Twitter user imaged a different outcome than what happened on the show. In an awkward scramble, Barry made his way to Olivia despite Ethan’s demand that he not go towards his car. Ethan grabbed at his dad and had to be “separated” by his younger brother, assumedly so that Ethan didn’t punch father Plath. The Twisted Tea meme the Twitter user references ends much more violently than the scuffle with Ethan and Barry.

This tweet sums up the entire series, as older children Ethan, Moriah, and Micah are not allowed to interact with their younger siblings. The parent’s reasoning for not letting their older children see the kids who still live at home is that they will be corrupted by their worldly ways. To the average viewer, this statement is ridiculous, as the worst we’ve seen the older Plath children do is model shirtless and have a boyfriend. In the finale, the next-oldest sibling Lydia was brought to tears watching her brother Ethan walk away. This could have been the moment that inspired this funny but frustrating tweet.

Similar to the tweet above, this tweet is funny, but sad in that it is true. Barry and Kim Plath have really let their relationship with Ethan and Olivia crumble because of the tiniest things. To them, they’re big things, like drinking soda and listening to music that isn’t Christian. They’ve always seen Olivia as the corrupter. Recently, Olivia watched classic Christmas movies with Ethan for the first time – the horror!

We can always count on Twitter to turn the most ridiculous moments into laughable memes. It’s nice to imagine Ethan and Olivia in their new Georgia home reading these tweets and chuckling over an ice-cold Coke.

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