Super Mario Party Developer Recruiting for New Project

NDcube, the developers behind several entries in the Mario Party franchise, are recruiting for a new project. They’ve also developed Wii Party.

The Mario Party series was in the news just this past month, as it was discovered that some dice rolls in the game are ultimately meaningless. Some dice rolls are already secured by Random Number Generation, or RNG, meaning that the player typically has no control over what number they roll on their dice. However, scarcely much has been said about the series since Super Mario Party released over two years ago.

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As shared by Nintendo Life, NDcube is recruiting for a brand-new project. Twitter user Nintendo Memories discovered the company’s 2021 recruitment brochure, which is a visualization of NDcube’s timeline, spanning from 2010’s Wii Party to its most recent game, Super Mario Party. Most of the games showcased on this timeline are Mario Party titles, such as Mario Party 10Mario Party: The Top 100, and Mario Party Star Rush. This project is currently undisclosed.

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It’s been a while since a new Mario Party game, especially considering the short timespan that there usually is between new installments in the franchise. Super Mario Party was a particularly paltry entry, as it had a total of only four boards with virtually no online capability. There’s no real reason to go back to Super Mario Party unless you haven’t played it in a while or if you don’t have access to the superior GameCube games. Because such little content exists in the game, DLC content was expected but never received.

Hopefully, whatever NDcube has in mind is better than the Mario Party titles the team has already made. Mario Party: The Top 100 should have been a great game, but with only one board and no online functionality, it left much to be desired. Even one of its non-Mario games, Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival, is commonly regarded as one of Nintendo’s worst games. To be optimistic, let’s hope NDcube has seriously considered the criticisms of Super Mario Party and is working on a much more memorable Mario Party experience. After all, the image Nintendo Memories shared on Twitter is heavily focused on the Mario Party series.

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Source: Nintendo Life / Nintendo Memories

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