Sarah Shares Her Ultimate Advice On Dating An Inmate

Life After Lockup star Sarah Simmons gives out some advice to anyone considering dating someone who is serving time inside of prison.

Sarah Simmons has appeared on all four seasons of Life After Lockup while sharing the woes of her failed marriage with Michael Simmons. The two met and fell in love as teenagers and remained together during his three-year prison sentence. The WeTV star knows firsthand what it’s like dating a prison inmate and offered some advice to anyone considering giving it a try.

She first appeared on season two of Love After Lockup. At the time, she was a single mother anxiously awaiting her husband’s release from prison. The two had gotten married while he was serving out his bid after welcoming their eldest daughter Avianha and getting engaged before his incarceration. However, Sarah was blindsided when she learned of Michael’s cheating upon his release and after they had already conceived their second daughter, Gianha. After multiple attempts at trying to make it work, she gave up and allowed Michael to pursue other women. Though they’re still legally married, Sarah is in a new relationship with her boyfriend Malcolm, while Michael lives in Miami and periodically comes to New York to visit his daughters.

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During an exclusive interview with ScreenRant, Sarah offered some advice to anyone who might be considering a romantic relationship with someone who is serving time in jail.  “Yeah, don’t give your all to a person that’s locked up,” the mother of two declared. “Seriously, do not. Do not, do not.” The reality star went on to explain why she feels a person shouldn’t trust a relationship with an inmate. “Because they [have] different needs than people on the outside,” she said. “People who are locked up don’t understand the hardships of us that are on the outside. They think that we have it made because we’re free.” She further shared the mindsets she believes inmates have about people who aren’t in jail. “We’re not in prison; we’re perfect,” she explained. “But they don’t understand that we struggle to out here, with you in there. We have to handle different difficulties, and we’re missing out on certain things too.”

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Sarah explained the different between how a former inmate feels upon being released from prison compared to the loved ones who have been waiting for them. “I feel like when they get out, they want freedom and they want low expectations, and they want to take their time,” she explained. “But for us, who have waited on you, are we being supported? Are we being catered to? Because we’ve been waiting, and so we want to hurry up.” She went on to address the divide fans often see happen between couples after a release. “I feel like there’s a huge lack of compromise with people who are coming out being in relationships with people who are waiting for them,” she stated. “And I feel like, in that sense, you’re already facing failure. Because you guys are two opposite ends of the spectrum: you want to hurry up and you want to slow down.”

Considering what fans have watched her endure with her estranged husband, her viewpoints on the subject shouldn’t be too much of a shocker. “I feel like the people that are coming out feel like they’re more entitled to what they want and to be catered to, and that’s not fair,” Sarah quipped. “I feel like people need to realize that more.” It’s clear where Sarah stands on ever dating another inmate.

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