Sacha Baron Cohen Nearly Pranked The MyPillow Guy

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm producer Anthony Hines says MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell was a potential target for the Sacha Baron Cohen comedy.

A Borat Subsequent Moviefilm producer says MyPillow founder Mike Lindell almost ended up in the Sacha Baron Cohen comedy. First introduced on Cohen’s Da Ali G Show, the Kazakh journalist character Borat in 2006 scored his own feature film, which proved to be a huge hit with $262 million in box office grosses.

A mockumentary featuring Cohen as the racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic and misogynistic title character, Borat lampooned some of the worst aspects of American society while delivering some truly inspired and outrageous comedy. Even though the movie was a huge hit, the Borat character seemed to have been retired forever as Cohen moved on to other things. But in 2020 Cohen took Borat out of mothballs for a surprise sequel featuring some of the comedian’s most daring stunts yet, including scenes that turned Mike Pence, Rudy Giuliani and an entire rally full of pro-gun protesters into unwitting comedic foils. Added to the mix this time was the character of Borat’s daughter Tutar, played in star-making fashion by previously unknown actress Maria Bakalova.

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Though Borat 2 already delivered a handful of genuinely stunning and outrageous moments, the movie could’ve been even crazier had some of its unused bits made it to the screen. Speaking to Variety, producer and co-writer Anthony Hines described one sketch that would’ve seen Tutar targeting MyPillow founder Mike Lindell:

“We had this crazy idea to do a socially distanced interview with Mike Lindell and Borat’s daughter, and since we couldn’t do it indoors, we’d do it in the edge of the woods or some kind of wasteland. There would be a mattress there with a load of MyPillow products and Borat would find Mike Lindell at the edge of the woods in a bed with his daughter. The MyPillow guy would then have to explain what the hell was going on. That was just one harebrained alternative to the scene that ended up in the movie.”

The scene that ended up in the movie of course was the infamous moment that saw Trump’s personal lawyer Giuliani flirting with Bakalova’s Tutar and at one point appearing to put his hand down his pants (Giluiani claims he was tucking his pants in after removing a microphone). According to Hines, he and Cohen actually had a list of 20 to 30 people with ties to Trump they wanted to target, including Trump himself. He says Giuliani was second on that list. “MyPillow Guy” Lindell of course is also a part of the Trump circle, having vocally supported the president.

Ultimately the scene that made it into the film, with Giuliani being confronted by an angry Borat after the flirtatious encounter with Tutar, proved to be a perfect capper for the outrageous return of Cohen’s character. The story about the scrapped Lindell scene does give some insight into the creative process behind a Borat movie, showing just how ambitious Cohen and his writers are in conceiving their gags. It would be fascinating to know what other crazy ideas Cohen and his team concocted while dreaming up Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, including what they had in store had they been able to land Trump himself.

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Source: Variety

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