Pokémon Sells $250 Gengar Plush With Giant Tongue

Pokemon has never strayed from releasing some interesting products – and now, they have just made a Gengar plush with some… interesting traits.

The Pokemon Company has never strayed from releasing some interesting products, and now it has come out with a new plush that has a peculiar trait about it. With how much merchandise is released with this company, it’s no surprise that sometimes the items can get a bit strange.

The company has been gearing up for some big celebrations this year, considering that 2021 will be Pokemon’s 25th anniversary. There have been many collaborations that have been happening lately, such as the one with Pokemon, Gucci, and The North Face to bring tribute to the brand and celebrate it. With these products, there have been some unusual releases, but nothing quite fits the bill like this one.

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According to Kotaku, for the steep price of $250, fans of the series can now have their own Gengar plushie. Now, it’s clear what fans are thinking: what on earth could make this plushie of Gengar so special and expensive? It’s because, with this Gengar plush, fans can take the tongue that is inside, roll it out, and use it as a bed or a place to nap. No, seriously. This Gengar plush has a tongue that is big enough to fit a whole human body if so desired, almost the size of a small camping bed. And, what makes it even more terrifying is that users of the plush can literally stick their head inside Gengar’s mouth to block out the daylight and take a nice little nap.

Gengar Pokemon

Truly, the stuff of nightmares. Again, this isn’t the first time Pokemon has released some interesting choices in merchandise. Last month, the company came out with a Ditto chair so that fans could enjoy their favorite little blob in the comfort of their own home. But sadly, that chair is only available in Japan. Even so, that product still feels at least a little bit less strange than this one.

Fans can only wonder what all this interesting merchandise might mean for the series. Since the 25th anniversary is coming up, most have been theorizing that the reasons the company has been releasing such interesting collaborations and items stem from it working on a new game – possibly a Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake. If fans of the famous Ghost/Poison-type Pokemon want to be able to celebrate their love for it in a very unique way, this is the way to go. Provided they are willing to spend the money, that is. Whatever the case, fans can all agree that it is a nightmarish way to take a nap.

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Source: Kotaku

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