Pokémon GO Launches Sinnoh Event During “Countdown To Kanto”

Niantic makes another stop next week on its journey to the big Kanto celebration, and the detour will take Pokémon GO fans to the the Sinnoh region.

Before jumping into the Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto event next month, Niantic wants to give players a chance to explore the world’s other iconic locations, this time it’s set its eyes on the Sinnoh region. Sinnoh was the setting for Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, which first revealed Gen 4 Pokémon back in 2006. Though Niantic held off on introducing the creatures of this generation until 2018, two years after Pokémon GO’s initial launch, there will be no shortage of them to capture next week.

This quick excursion is not Niantic’s first detour on the road to its big Kanto event, which the creators are billing as a sort of nostalgia-filled trip down memory lane which will celebrate the game’s anniversary. Currently, trainers can jump into the game until January 10 to take part in the Unova Celebration which will include special eggs hatches, raids, wild Pokémon encounters, and more.

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The Pokémon GO team released information today detailing what fans can expect from the Sinnoh region celebration. Like the Unova event before it, the Sinnoh step of the countdown will last a very limited time. The event kicks off January 12, next Tuesday, and ends just a few days later on Sunday, January 17. Of course, Gen 4 Pokémon will be everywhere during that time, especially the starters – Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup – along with a selection of other favorites. Trainers that are partial to shinies should be on the lookout for a Shiny Buizel as well next week. The Sinnoh celebration will also have its own unique Field Research tasks, which will dole out stardust and result in themeatic Pokémon encounters. Additionally, the game will challenge players to catch Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup, Cranidos, Shieldon, Combee, Buizel, Shadow Stunky, and Shadow Snover during the week. Succeeding in this collection challenge will net trainers stardust, a magnetic lure, and 15 ultra balls.

However, it seems these festivities are only an appetizer for the big Kanto blow-out. The tour, which is a paid, if virtually ticketed event will include several enticing features. One of the biggest is the possibility of capturing a Shiny Mew, a feat which had previously been unattainable for a western audience without traveling across the globe. Perhaps equally alluring is Niantic’s currently ongoing contest that could turn a lucky player into an NPC in Pokémon GO for the event. The contest ends soon though, so be sure to enter if that sounds exciting.

With event after event on the horizon, the creators behind Pokémon GO are going into 2021 full steam ahead. Though it always seems a little jarring when a free-to-play game hosts a paid event, this is par for the course for Niantic and it is hard to be too angry considering the amount of free content the company is offering to its players. The Sinnoh region event only lasts a few days, so be sure to jump in early next week.

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