Nightwing Reunites With His Former Identity in DC’s Future State

DC Future State: Teen Titans #1 reunites Nightwing with a ghost from his past, Red X, aka the alter ego of Dick Grayson in the animated series.

There’s something incredibly nostalgic about the Teen Titans animated series for fans that grew up watching it. So, when word went around that an infamous character known best for his time in the series would be making an appearance in Future State, DC readers climbed aboard the hype train immediately. Now, previews from Future State: Teen Titans #1 have been revealed, following up the promise to bring Red X along for the ride as Nightwing stumbles upon this blast from the past.

Red X first appeared in the Teen Titans animated series as the secret alter ego of protagonist Robin. Dick Grayson took on the new identity (along with a new look to match) while attempting to hunt down Deathstroke. Upon this shocking reveal, his fellow teammates lost trust in Grayson as this feeling of betrayal lingered with them. However, it did not take long for the mantle to move on without Grayson. Red X would once again come back to haunt the Titans, but this time, with a bit more mystery surrounding who was actually behind the mask.

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Though he spent only a brief time as Red X, this was a definite turning point for the Teen Titans. Upon the shocking reveal that it was Grayson disguised as a villain, the trust his fellow teammates had in him began to wither which never truly seemed to leave. Seeing Red X now make his comic debut in Future State hints at a bit of a complication for the Titans, knowing how messy things seemed to get once he entered the animated series. This bleak future already contains so much tragedy, it’s hard to imagine things going down an even darker path.

Future State Nightwing Red X

Yet, the introduction of Red X hardly hints at a peaceful timeline for Teen Titans. With Nightwing being reunited with this ghost from his past, readers may see a more introspective character in issues to come. Past previews have foretold a partnership between Nightwing and Red X. This will be an interesting turn of events, where Red X is not an alter ego of (or even an enemy of) our protagonist, but instead, a teammate. Will this unlikely partnership go over well with the rest of the team, who seem to miss out on this discovery by Nightwing himself?

There’s no denying a disconnect exists between Nightwing and…well…everyone. It stands to reason this could very well be yet another secret he hides. Seeing how things went south once Red X entered the animated series, this Future State may get a whole lot more tumultuous before its resolution.

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