MTG Arena Gets Early Access On Android

Magic: The Gathering is going to be coming to mobile devices soon, with an early access appearance on Android as soon as the end of the month.

MTG Arena will soon be coming to mobile devices, beginning with an Android version of the game arriving by the end of the month. The online version of the popular card game has been out for some time now since 2019 on Windows, before coming out on Mac in 2020.

A mobile version of the beloved trading card game was announced back at the very beginning of 2020, but due to (most likely) quarantine and the COVID-19 virus, that release date was pushed back to 2021. However, it seems that with the new year, the new version of the game is finally going to be coming to phones soon.

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Starting on January 28, MTG Arena will be making its way to the “palm of your hand” with the official app on Android, along with additional Android support and iOS devices in the foreseeable future. The app will be accessible to players whose mobile devices will meet the specs of the game, everywhere on Android or Google devices where it is available. The early access will also include cross-platform support and all the cards and formats that are currently available in MTG Arena, including the upcoming expansion of Kaldheim. There has not been an official date announced yet for when the app will make its way to other mobile devices yet though.

Magic the Gathering Arena Mobile

The game itself has had plenty of updates in the past year that it has been out. Not only have plenty of new cards been added to expand player’s decks, but multiple expansions have been released as well. The game itself launched with an expansion after a beta period and became a hit overnight due to the ease of playing online.  The trading card game genre itself has always been popular, but with the new influx of online versions, plenty of popular card games like Magic: The Gathering have made their way online – and now, the game is taking the next steps to be right in the palm of players’ hands instead of just on a computer.

MTG Arena has had plenty of competition too, so much so that Twitch has held Esports tournaments with it, as players take the game very seriously. Whether these tournaments will continue when the game moves to mobile is unclear, but surely players will be just as excited to play on their phones or iPads (in the future) as they are on a laptop. Soon, players will be able to enjoy the magic anywhere.

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