Larissa Lima Is Hiring The Same Manager As Angela Deem

As Angela Deem continues to shock TLC fans with her weight loss, her controversial 90 Day Fiancé castmate Larissa Lima hires her manager Gina.

Larissa Lima and Angela Deem are two 90 Day Fiancé stars who’ve created a major buzz in the past year. The Brazilian belle Larissa grabbed the spotlight for various reasons, including her plastic surgery, ICE arrest, and firing from TLC. Angela continues to shock everyone with her weight loss transformation. Now, there’s an interesting shared connection between 90 Day Fiancé’s iconic Larissa and Angela, and this is their manager, Gina Rodriguez.

2020 was a rollercoaster year for Larissa, with plenty of ups and downs. The 90 Day Fiancé star seems to be doing better than ever now. Larissa got plenty of attention when she first revealed her Kylie Jenner-inspired plastic surgery, which cost her $72,000. However, she got fired by TLC as soon as she flaunted it via an adult oil show. That show earned Larissa over $100k, and she soon became a top creator on OnlyFans. 90 Day Fiancé viewers and others flocked to see Larissa in thongs and Colt Johnson’s ex revealed that she earns $40k a month. While many TLC viewers thought Larissa would settle down in Colorado with her boyfriend Eric Nichols, she soon announced their split. While Larissa continues to flood her Instagram followers’ timelines with bikini content, she has returned to Las Vegas in what appears to be a permanent shift. The 90 Day Fiancé alum does seem to have an agenda, given the fact that she’s hired Angela Deem’s manager Gina.

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It was Larissa who allegedly first told her 90 Day Fiancé fans that she’d be quitting OnlyFans in a month to focus on an all-new career. The Blast reported Larissa’s plans to study. The source also revealed that Larissa is currently mulling over learning about beauty and also wants to get back to reality television. That’s when the news of Larissa firing her manager and publicist, and hiring 90 Day Fiancé’s Angela’s manager Gina Rodriguez, became known. Now, Larissa has confirmed the reports by mentioning GiToni, Inc.’s Gina in her Instagram bio, with “Manager: [email protected].”

Larissa Lima Angela Deem Gina Rodriguez Manager In 90 Day Fiance

Also, 90 Day Fiancé queen Larissa has started a free OnlyFans account where she only posts “sexy IG” content (there are no nudes), along with a new Instagram page. Looks like Larissa may have a master plan in mind, and Gina will be by her side to help. When 90 Day Fiancé viewers spotted Angela Deem with Gina and Natasha Fett, who’d both worked on Mama June: From Not To Hot, rumors about her getting a fitness-themed spin-off started swirling. Angela also shocked fans by revealing her weight loss surgery plans on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? She is currently making jaws drop with her skinny and youthful new look. Larissa may plan to follow in Angela’s career footsteps.

While Larissa may have not made the best decisions earlier on in her 90 Day Fiancé life, it looks like she is playing her cards right now. Since she’s dropped hints of possible good news about her messy immigration process, Larissa is sure to become a reality TV mainstay, just like fan-favorite Angela Deem.

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Source: Larissa Lima/Instagram, The Blast, Angela Deem/Instagram, Natasha Fett/Instagram

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