Kim Kardashian Back On IG After Kanye West Cheating Rumors

Kim Kardashian West broke her social media silence and posted on Instagram. Surprisingly, she didn’t post anything about Kanye’s cheating rumors!

Most Keeping Up With The Kardashians stars are vigorously active on social media. The reason could be their fans or personal habits, but it’s certainly very noticeable. This is why when they skip a day or two, especially after an incident, it’s probably something serious. The same happened with Kim Kardashian West, who avoided Instagram for over 24 hours after her husband Kanye West’s cheating rumors started spreading. Surprisingly, Kim is back on the social media platform already and is posting something entirely off-topic.

After Tristan Thompson, Kanye has been accused of not being faithful to his wife. The rapper has been rumored to have been cheating on Kim with the Youtuber Jeffree Star. Knowing Kim and Kanye’s history, the man has been into his wife since the day he saw her. This is why it’s odd that the rumors suggest that Kanye had been hooking up with the very famous male beauty guru for a while. At the same time, Jeffree has been having the time of his life, referencing Kanye in his posts. When a Keeping Up With The Kardashians viewer asked Jeffree about the rumors, he replied with, “I’m having the best time in Wyoming, come visit sometime!” referencing the musician once again.

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The whole situation is pretty dark and sad for Kim, which is probably why she didn’t feel like posting anything on her Instagram lately. Luckily for many Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans, she is finally breaking her social media silence. She has posted on her IG, but it’s not about Kanye or the cheating scandal. The 40-year-old mom posted two stories showing that she has been working out. It seems like Kim has been doing two workouts a day with her sister Khloe. While one story shows equipment, the other shows them holding kettlebells. Starting the new year with a fitness routine is certainly a good way not to overthink chaotic situations. Check out pictures she posted, which were reshared by @kardashianvideo:

According to many reports, Kim is not living with Kanye right now. She is with her four kids in Los Angeles, while Kanye is probably at his ranch in Cody, Wyoming. Earlier in July 2020, rumors suggested that the SKIMS founder began meeting divorce lawyers because she wanted to get done with her marriage. She gave her relationship a second chance because of her four kids and posted a few happy family pictures in October 2020.

But now, some sources say that their divorce is imminent. While Kim is apparently not wearing her wedding ring, Kanye chose his $14 million Wyoming ranch over his family during the holidays. While the sources may suggest many interesting theories, one thing is for sure. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kim doesn’t want the drama to lead her life. So she’s been focusing on her health and taking care of her business.

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Source: @kardashianvideo, @kimkardashian

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