Juggernaut Is Forming His Own Team of Reformed Supervillain

Juggernaut has put together a group of reformed villains that are way down on the C-list but they could end up being a strong team

Juggernaut is rarely a team player, but the copper-colored killing machine is trying to rebuild his image, and do some good in the process, by building a new super team. Sure it’s made of former villains (and potentially one Nazi) but friends are hard to come by for Cain Marko.

Fabian Nicieza and Ron Garney set the stage at the end of Juggernaut #5 for Cain Marko to build a new life. This whole run of comics has been about shedding Cain’s former flaws and helping out the little guys. Marko is usually cast as the villain (to his benefit in many cases) but this story is about redemption and Marko recognizes he will fail if he sets out on his own.

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A lot of super teams end up at each other’s throats before long, but the group of reformed villains Juggernaut put together is small enough to stay tight-knit. It’s composed of Primus, an android made by Captain America villain Arnim Zola (more on him later), and Quicksand. The teaser sting at the end of the comic claims Zola is not affiliated with this new supergroup. But seeing how he made the Primus, who is a prime example of the Nazi geneticist’s prowess, it’s likely Zola will be roped in. 

Primus is a shapeshifting android created to ally the Nazis but revolted against his creator (why don’t mad scientists ever read Frankenstein) only to make amends and start working for him again decades later. The two, the self-deprecating Primus and self-aggrandizing Zola, set up shop in North Dakota which is where Juggernaut meets up with them to reformulate Quicksand. Quicksand (a shapeshifting sand lady) is a forgettable Thor villain but has cropped up here and there over the decades, usually as a part of villainous teams – when she wasn’t imprisoned on the Raft, Marvel’s supermax prison for super baddies.

Juggernaut spent the bulk of the comic tutoring a young mutant and eventually convincing her to ship off to Krakoa — the mutant homeworld and safe haven created to protect mutantkind. This streak of do-goodery convinced Juggernaut he needs to care for other superheroes and supervillains that aren’t of the mutant variety. Juggernaut is often seen alongside mutants and is the step-brother to Charles Xavier, but Cain Marko gets his powers from a gem called Cyttorak, not mutant powers. Juggernaut saved the young mutant D-Cel from being experimented on, compelling her to ask for asylum on Krakoa. Juggernaut’s motivations have usually been greed or gore so this is a nice change of pace for the character. 

This supergroup, however, is a bit of a gang of C-listers. And it’s going to be a real hard sell that they are a group of reformed altruists with a former Nazi sympathizer like Arnim Zola. After all, he transferred his consciousness into a robot and is reborn in the modern age with some old-fashioned ideas, like fascism and genetic engineering. And unlike Marko who genuinely seems like he wants to turn over a new leaf, Zola has no such fantasies. Once a Nazi always a Nazi. He condemns this supergroup and if the tease at the end of the comic is to be believed, then he won’t be a part of it. But he’s still tied to his creation (Primus) and could be the future demise of this group. Future Juggernaut stories are going to be fascinating to see what comes next for him, the supergroup, and Zola.

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