Izzy Wouters Trashes Below Deck Med Season 5, Claims She Was ‘Not Impressed’

Izzy Wouters from Below Deck watched Below Deck Med Season 5 and was appalled by some of the crew’s conduct. She thinks Hannah was treated unfairly.

Izzy Wouters from Below Deck recently revealed that she would have not applied for the show had she seen season five of the spin-off, Below Deck Mediterranean.

As one of the newest stewardesses on the Bravo series, Izzy has made quite an impression on fans. Izzy was born in New Zealand but raised in Australia. Viewers praise her for coming out as a lesbian and living authentically. She is also very dedicated to her job.

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During a recent interview on the podcast “Behind the Velvet Rope,” Izzy Wouters from Below Deck revealed that the fallout last season on Below Deck Med left her feeling upset. She added that she never would have applied to the show if she had watched it prior. The stewardess checked out the show after viewers asked her to compare her experience in yachting to Below Deck Med. “I thought it was really cool,” she said of the show. Although she enjoyed watching Below Deck Med, she admitted that it might have changed her mind about applying if she had seen it sooner. “If I had seen the season of [Below Deck] Med, that’s just gone before I applied, I probably wouldn’t have applied,” Izzy declared. “That was, that was hectic. That was wild. And I was like, not impressed with a lot of the behavior I saw in that. And yeah, that put a bit of a bad taste.”

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Izzy even offered specifics on why she would have thought twice about applying due to Below Deck Med. While she liked Bugsy and Jess, Izzy revealed that some of the “attitudes on board” from the crew scared her. “Rob [Westergaard] did seem like a gaslighter,” she admitted. “But just like that real kind of backstabbing…I was like, ‘Oh f**k.’ I would have been so scared if that sort of thing happens on our boat.” Izzy went on to praise Captain Lee for being an amazing captain while calling Eddie Lucas “a dream bosun.” Izzy later commented on Hannah Ferrier getting fired after Malia took a photo of her unregistered Valium and vape pen. “I think it was handled very poorly,” she added, “I felt so bad for Hannah, she did not deserve to be treated that way.

The stewardess believes Captain Sandy was favoring Malia and that she used this opportunity to get rid of Hannah. Izzy also included an interesting tidbit about prescriptions in Australia and how the prescription is in the box the medication comes in, which Hannah Ferrier had with her. She was even put off by the way the crew spoke about mental illness, by shaming Hannah for having panic attacks. Izzy added that Captain Lee and crew member Eddie would have handled the situation with kindness and respect, unlike Captain Sandy and Malia.

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Below Deck airs Mondays at 9 pm EST on Bravo.

Sources: Behind the Velvet Rope

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