How Wonder Woman Stayed A Secret Before Batman v Superman

Wonder Woman stayed hidden for years before Batman v Superman. Here’s what Wonder Woman 1984 revealed about how she managed to keep a secret identity.

Batman was surprised to discover Wonder Woman’s identity had stayed a secret for decades in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but how did the hero keep it under wraps? A pivotal scene in Wonder Woman 1984 offers some evidence as to how Diana Prince managed to keep a low profile for so many years. It’s clear she relied on hiding in plain sight, as well as discreetly fighting crime, moving in and out of crowds like a shadow.

Wonder Woman sees Diana leave her home island of Themyscira for the first time, bringing her directly into conflict with the Greek god Ares during World War I. Following the war and the death of her lover Steve Trevor, Diana assimilates into society. She largely keeps to herself, however, living in near isolation with no friends or romantic relationships. By Wonder Woman 1984, Diana is living comfortably in Washington, DC and working as a cultural anthropologist and archaeologist at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. 

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One could argue Diana stays on the outskirts of society because she is still grieving Steve and the loss of the friends she made in 1918. However, Diana likely doesn’t want to draw attention to herself because it would give away her identity as Wonder Woman. To segue into Diana’s new life, Wonder Woman 1984 sees Diana chasing down and fighting a group of thieves inside a mall. It’s the ‘80s, smartphones weren’t yet a thing, and she doesn’t have to worry about being recorded. But, there are still security cameras perched on every corner of the mall. Wonder Woman swiftly takes them all out so she and her super heroics remain anonymous. 

Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman 1984

Aside from the mall scene, Diana quietly knocks out Barbara Minerva’s attacker in the park, causing the bespectacled woman to wonder about her strength and how she got to her so fast. Viewers may have also noticed Wonder Woman’s final showdowns with Cheetah and Maxwell Lord are off-camera, with the Amazonian princess able to fight them and win while away from the public eye. For all of Wonder Woman 1984’s spectacle, Diana manages to keep out of sight as she has been doing for 60+ years. 

Fast forward to Batman v Superman, and it’s no wonder Batman is shell-shocked someone as powerful as Diana stayed under the radar for so many years. Wonder Woman probably had to do double the work when people began using smartphones to record events. Throw in closed-circuit television systems and all other types of surveillance and video footage software, and there are more cameras for her to dodge than ever before. Yet, Diana still manages to maintain her anonymity for years after, and that’s no easy feat.

What’s more, Batman v Superman confirms Diana didn’t stay living in Washington, DC. At some point after the events of Wonder Woman 1984Diana moved to Paris and became a museum curator at the Louvre. It seems relocating is another tactic she employed to keep a low profile, but even Wonder Woman’s secret couldn’t stay hidden from Batman for long. 

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