How to Earn More Prestige Keys in COD: Black Ops Cold War

Prestige Keys allow players to unlock Legacy content from old COD titles. This guide will show players how to unlock them in COD: Black Ops Cold War.

Prestige Keys are a valuable asset in COD: Black Ops Cold War. This guide will show players how they can get more. The Prestige progression system has existed in the series for decades now. After playing enough matches, the player will reach the max level and have the option to prestige. Before this would reset the player’s level back to 0 and they will be rewarded with a new medal near their name. They would also lose all of their weapons and unlockables and would have to start from scratch. Now with COD: Black Ops Cold War, players can continue to prestige without losing all of their gear. Instead, they are rewarded with Prestige Keys. Here’s how players can earn more of them.

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With the start of season 1, players are now able to use their Prestige Keys. Prestige Keys can be used at the Prestige Shop to unlock high-level cosmetics for the player. This includes unlocking Legacy Prestige Icons from the previous Call of Duty titles. There’s something incredibly nostalgic able being able to wear a banner from the original Modern Warfare 2. There are tons of different items to unlock as well, so players will want to collect as many Prestige Keys as possible. This guide will show players how they can unlock more Prestige Keys.

How To Unlock More Prestige Keys in COD: Black Ops Cold War

Players will be able to unlock 20 Prestige Keys per season. Each Prestige Key is unlocked every 50 levels. The neat thing about COD: Black Ops Cold War is that there is cross-progression for players who also participate in Warzone. The best way to level up fast and earn more Prestige Keys would be to complete the daily challenges that are part of the battle pass. These will reward the player with extra experience and unlock more XP Tokens. Use these Tokens right before the match start to maximize your level growth. This works for both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War so make sure to check in on both and complete these challenges. Ultimately, it really comes down to just continue playing the game as normal. Players might have to jump into a game mode they don’t enjoy, but it’s all for the sweet experience.

Prestige Keys are a much better reward than in previous entries. Having to completely nuke your entire inventory felt so wasteful, especially when players just got that high-level weapon. This is a much better system for the Call of Duty series.

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COD: Black Ops Cold War is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC.

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