How Chris Harrison Helped Matt James Try To Find Love

In an interview, The Bachelor lead Matt James revealed how longtime host Chris Harrison helped guide him on his journey to find love on the show.

In a recent interview, The Bachelor lead Matt James revealed how longtime host Chris Harrison helped guide him on his journey to find love on the show.

Before Matt got a starring role on the hit ABC reality dating show, he was just an anonymous guy from North Carolina who was residing in New York City. After being named one of the guys who would vie for Clare Crawley’s heart on The Bachelorette, production had a change of heart and decided to name him the next Bachelor. Looks like being friends with Tyler Cameron has its perks.

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28-year-old Matt James appeared on Juliet Litman’s The Bachelor Party podcast on Thursday and revealed how host Chris Harrison steered him in the right direction throughout his journey on the show. “Every time I talked to Chris, I took something away from him,” Matt said, adding there was a particular instance where Chris was able to give him some life-changing words of wisdom. “That time specifically was just reiterating something that you heard your whole life, and that’s you can’t please everybody… That was what I needed to hear in that moment because I was putting a lot of pressure on myself.” Juliet giggled at Matt’s sweet words for Chris, even playfully calling the host “Papa Chris.” Matt completely agreed with the nickname, adding that there were a few times Chris had to lay down the law and give Matt the tough love he needed. Becoming The Bachelor can be tough, but having someone who has been around since the beginning of the series can be helpful to have in your corner.

The podcast continued on, and Juliet asked The Bachelor lead Matt James if he felt comfortable and confident at all times while filming the show. He answered with an honest and simple “no,” adding: “Every time you think that, Chris pops up, and it’s like, ‘Oh by the way..’ And you’re just like, ‘What?‘” He then went on, “It’s more like a plot twist. Like, ‘Well this is going well, let’s do this.’ And I’m just like, ‘Dang, I thought this was going well.'” Even though only one episode has aired on Matt’s season of The Bachelor, it is evident by night one that this season is about to become one for the fans to remember. There are already rumors about who takes home the final rose and Matt’s heart, but nothing has been one hundred percent confirmed.

Will Chris be there to help Matt choose his final pick? Hopefully Chris was able to help Matt sort out his feeling and propose to the girl of his dreams on the show.

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The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 pm EST on ABC.

Sources: The Bachelor Party, Chis Harrison’s Instagram

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