Guardians of the Galaxy’s Nova Mocks Marvel’s King in Black

Richard Ryder has been a member of the Nova Corps since he was a teenager, and he has seem many horrible threats, and he is unimpressed by Knull!

Spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy #10 ahead!

Nova, AKA Richard Ryder, has been a part of the Marvel Universe for many years, and has seen many things in space that have given him a perspective beyond that of his peers; when he sees Knull, the King in Black’s face for the first time, he is unimpressed and dismisses Knull out of hand. It happens in Guardians of the Galaxy #10, written by Al Ewing with art by Juann Cabal and colors by Federico Blee. The issue is in stores now.

Nova is part of the Nova Corps, a team of intergalactic police officers – think Marvel’s version of the Green Lantern Corps. Ryder was inducted into the Nova Corp as a teenager, and as a result, he has seen so much more of the cosmos than his peers. He was a founding member of the New Warriors as well; and perhaps his biggest accomplishment to date was his victories against the Annihilation Wave, a horde of extra-dimensional bugs led by the warlord Annihilus. Needless to say, Ryder has seen some stuff, so when Knull and his symbiote hordes rage across the universe, Ryder has some opinions.

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At the beginning of the issue, the Guardians are trying to find information on Knull. Their computer creates a composite image of Knull, based on what scant data they had; the strain was too much for the computer and it almost fried itself out. Nova strolls in and sees the picture, before quipping “I think I had this album.” He clearly did not read the room and is quickly chastised for his flippant comment.

While Nova’s remark was insensitive in light of the situation, it points to two things. The first is that Nova has a perspective on matters that most don’t, having been a member of the Nova Corps for many years. He has seen some truly horrifying threats and compared to some of them, Knull, does not look that impressive. Knull is an undeniably evil and wicked villain, yet his look is pretty pedestrian compared to what he is supposed to be. He is Marvel’s avatar of the dark, and yet he’s pale with long hair and fangs—a refugee from a heavy metal album cover.

Nova was rightfully reprimanded for his comment, despite it being in character for him. Seeing as Knull has unleashed a path of destruction on the universe, and has enslaved many of Earth’s most powerful heroes, Nova may not be joking about him too much longer.

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