GTA 6 Rival Game Everywhere Release Date Plans Leak Explained

GTA 6 rival game Everywhere has been veiled in mystery, but now a leaked company document has revealed Build A Rocket Boy’s release date plans.

Rumors and chatter about Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto 6 have been swirling around online for almost two years, but without as much as a word from the company about a release date, a new franchise might be poised to steal gamers’ interest. Everywhere is a mysterious open-world adventure being developed by a number of ex-Rockstar employees who formed a studio named Build A Rocket Boy Games. Little is know about the GTA 6 competitor, but plans for its release date windows have seemingly been leaked.

Everywhere is being spearheaded by former Rockstar North President Leslie Benzies, who left the game studio on bad terms in 2016. His departure led to a heated legal battle that involved what Benzies claimed was $150 million-worth of unpaid royalties, sexual harassment allegations, and Rockstar accusing Benzies of poaching staff. The dust has since settled, but tensions may run high again since Everywhere appears to be scheduled to launch fairly soon.

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Redditor thewhitewolf35 unearthed an internal document from Build A Rocket Boy Games from late-2019 that revealed the studio’s release date plans dating back a year ago. The paperwork revealed that Benzies’ company had plans to launch Everywhere in late-2021, which is a surprising amount of progress given that the game was conceptualized in 2016. Here’s the crucial bit of release date information from the document:

The goal of a game launch in Q4 2021 remains viable. However, given the ambition of the game and the and the complexity of the technology development, there is risk that the game will need more development time to complete.

When Is The Everywhere Release Date?

Is GTA 6 Rival Game Everywhere Called That Because Of Grand Theft Auto 2? Head Art

Unfortunately this release date window might no longer hold any weight due to a recent update from Build A Rocket Boy Games. The studio announced that it would be shifting Everywhere‘s development from the Amazon Lumberyard game engine to the Unreal Engine in November 2020. A switch in engines midway through development always results in extra work since staff would need to transfer any crucial game assets it had already built on Lumberyard into Unreal. Here’s that message below:

Seeing as late-2021 was already an ambitious deadline for Everywhere when Build A Rocket Boy Games was committed to using Lumberyard, its release window has most likely been pushed back by at least a year. That makes Everywhere‘s earliest possible release date sometime in late-2022, but that could be delayed even further into 2023 if the studio encounters any unexpected road bumps during its debut release. Every game developer deals with unforeseen issues during production, but Benzies has been setting up his company for success recently.

Build A Rocket Boy Games received $40 million in funding back in Septembe,r and it has steadily been adding more staff since it first started four years ago. The company employed around 30 people in 2017, but that has now grown to  84 employees, according company data aggregator RocketReach. It also has a slew of available positions, which mean production for Everywhere might ramp up over the next few years and allow Build A Rocket Boy to launch its first game sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, GTA 6 is reportedly still a long ways off, but gamers could have one of the most mysterious games in recent memories to hold them over until Rockstar makes its move.

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Source: thewhitewolf35/Reddit, RocketReach

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