GTA 5 Fans Apparently Love Franklin Getting Roasted By Other Characters

GTA 5 mods replace Lamar with characters from near and far to roast Franklin in Lamar’s place in the iconic scene about Franklin’s haircut.

GTA 5 is a beloved game that has been around for a long time now, and fans have only made it better, or crazier, since its release in 2013. There are so many great and insane mods out there for players who finished the single player story years ago, but aren’t ready to give up on the game just yet. The newest trend is modding the famous scene where Lamar roasts Franklin to see the player character being roasted by the rest of pop culture too.

Franklin is one of 3 main characters in GTA 5. He is a man living within his means in a poverty-stricken household near the beginning of the game, and this is where he and his best friend Lamar play out their iconic scene. Lamar roasts Franklin for his “yee-yee a** haircut“, and the rest of the profanity-laden conversation became a favorite moment for fans. GTA 5 has already made its way into the public’s heart with several great quote-worthy lines that didn’t need mods to be hilarious, but other aspects of the game have been modded over the last seven years that have improved upon the world of Los Santos, like a mod that adds ray tracing to the game, letting these great moments in the game happen in front of an enchanting backdrop.

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These particular mods that have the internet buzzing replace Lamar with various characters from video games, movies and TV shows. According to Polygon, some of these mods include ones that show Snow White, Perfect Cell from Dragonball Z, and even Kermit the frog from The Muppets roasting Franklin. Spongebob, Darth Vader and, moving into the more ridiculous, a motorcycle can berate Franklin for being ugly. There are also mods that give the scene a visual novel style, like Persona 5. Of course it is not only a different character’s skin over Lamar’s usual roasting, but these mods also add new voice lines specific to the character.

This scene has become a meme, and as tends to happen on the internet, the meme has evolved. Without stopping at replacing Lamar’s character for a fun crossover, there are now some bizarre mods for fans to enjoy, for example, one can watch Franklin being roasted by 37 Lamars – all at the same time. Perhaps one of the most creative and creepy mods puts Franklin on a rollercoaster where he whizzes past a long stretch of clones of Lamar roasting him in unison.

This meme has quickly spread all over the internet, and it appears to be entertaining fans of Grand Theft Auto who are itching for GTA 6 to make an appearance. There is still no word from Rockstar about the next game, it is rather focused on GTA Online and getting GTA 5 onto the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. This leaves fans to make their own fun, and that they have in some priceless memes that will leave fans in side-splitting laughter.

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GTA 5 is available in PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Polygon

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