Everything We Know About Mercy’s Changes

Overwatch 2 is bringing some noticeable changes to its heroes when the game releases. Here’s everything we know about Mercy’s changes so far.

While details still remain a little scarce regarding Overwatch 2, fans should expect some noticeable changes to heroes and gameplay when the sequel releases. While some of these changes remain a mystery for now, several have been unveiled by Blizzard Entertainment previously. With her winged suit and ability to fly across the battlefield and heal allies, Mercy is one of the most popular characters from Overwatch. Here are all of Mercy’s changes that we know about so far.

Blizzard’s Overwatch helped perfect hero shooters, and a sequel to the online game is highly anticipated. While fans await Overwatch 2‘s release date, Blizzard Entertainment has already shared some new looks for several returning heroes. Mercy is a Swiss healer who serves as a support character in the PvP shooter. So far, details regarding Mercy’s combat or balance changes in Overwatch 2 haven’t been revealed. However, Mercy – like the other heroes in the game – has undergone dozens of balance changes since Overwatch‘s initial launch, so changes should be expected.

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Overwatch 2 is also introducing new story missions, which will undoubtedly shed more light on its heroes. So far, most of the story and lore in Overwatch has been explored through ancillary media like comics, short stories, and animated videos. The story missions in Overwatch 2 should be a great way to learn more about Mercy and the other characters, and fans should know more when additional details are shared at BlizzCon this year.

Mercy’s Design Changes For Overwatch 2 Explained

overwatch 2 mercy changes

Many of the confirmed changes for Mercy are purely aesthetic right now and can be found on the official Overwatch site. Mercy made waves in 2019 when her design changes were unveiled, specifically because of her brand-new haircut. In Overwatch 2, Mercy will no longer be sporting a ponytail, and her bangs are just a bit shorter. Like many of the returning characters shown so far, her regular suit is getting a recolor, too.

Additionally, Mercy’s iconic wings are also getting a color change. Despite these design changes, Mercy is still easily recognizable and players should be mostly pleased with her new look. With so many cosmetics already in Overwatch, and even more expected for its sequel, many players likely won’t stick with her default look anyway. It will, however, be interesting to see how some of Mercy’s new and previous outfits look with Overwatch 2‘s updated graphics.

For now, this is everything Blizzard Entertainment has shared regarding Mercy’s changes in Overwatch 2. However, new story missions will likely shed new light on Mercy’s background, and there will surely be more than just design changes coming in the sequel. Hopefully, fans will know more when BlizzCon 2021 arrives in February.

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