Every Member Of The Injustice Society Ranked By Power

DC Television’s Stargirl is wonderful due to its villain group The Injustice Society. How does each member rank in power, though?

DC Universe’s Stargirl introduced fans to the first live-action version of the supervillain team known as the Injustice Society, the rival group of the Justice Society of America. Despite appearing to disband in the first season’s premiere after supposedly killing off all the members of the original Justice Society, they were discovered to be hiding in Blue Valley and became a threat for the new JSA.

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While some members are stronger than others, each one has their own set of unique abilities and powers that make their role on the team specific to their character.

10 The Gambler

The Gambler Stargirl

While he doesn’t have any powers, Steven Sharpe is easily the smartest member of the Injustice Society. Since his intelligence is on or near the same level as that of Dr. Mid-Nite, he is an expert hacker capable of breaking into most systems remotely but was outsmarted by Beth and the AI version of Charles McNider when they decided to donate all of his money to charities. While he tends to stay out of most physical fights, he does have a pistol hidden in the arm of his suit which he uses on a trucker that did not fall victim to Anaya Bowin’s mind control.

9 The Fiddler

Anaya Bowin Fiddler Injustice Society Stargirl

Anaya Bowin was the second member of the Injustice Society to hold the mantle of the Fiddler, taking over for her husband. She has the power to control minds through the playing of her violin which she uses to hypnotize a truck driver. The limitation of her ability is that it only works on people with weaker wills as opponents with stronger minds are able to resist the power of her influence. Without her violin, she is essentially powerless; which allowed her to be killed by Tigress with a crossbow bolt almost instantly.

8 Tigress

Tigress Crossbow Injustice Society Stargirl

Paula Brooks is in peak physical condition and is able to compete with both Wildcat and Stargirl while she was using the Cosmic Staff. Brooks is an expert markswoman with her primary weapon of choice is a crossbow. She is an extremely athletic and agile master martial artist which allows her to maneuver around better than some of the other members of the Injustice Society. However, she was knocked out by the Cosmic Staff after being hit with a direct blast of its energy.

7 Sportsmaster

Sportsmaster Injustice Society Stargirl

Like his wife, Larry Crock is also in peak physical condition which makes him almost seem superhuman shown in his ability to leap great distances and his extreme level of durability. He is also really strong as he was able to throw Pat Dugan around with very little effort and overpower Rick Tyler when his Hourman powers were activated.

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He is a capable martial artist and was able to hold his own against Starman when he wielded the Cosmic Staff and was able to do the same against Courtney. He uses a variety of sports-based weapons including a specialized hockey puck that attached itself to the Cosmic Staff and completely deactivated it for a short period of time, but his preferred weapon seems to be a metal baseball bat.

6 Dragon King

Dragon King Injustice Society Stargirl

While he isn’t technically a member of the Injustice Society, Dr. Shiro Ito is still a major ally to the team. Ito was a scientist in the Japanese military who ran experiments on himself and others involuntarily since the 1900s. He was believed to have been put to death in 1947 after his experiments were responsible for mass plagues but was able to survive due to his extreme healing factor. His experiments changed his DNA, making himself a reptile-human hybrid of both and granting him enhanced strength and a long lifespan. He is a skilled fighter and swordsman as he was able to take on both Courtney and Justin, a former knight of King Arthur before being killed by his daughter, Shiv.

5 The Wizard

Wizard Injustice Society Stargirl

The source of William Zarick’s abilities seems to be a wand that grants him magical powers. The only real power the wand demonstrated was the ability to send blasts of magical energy at his opponents. Using it, he managed to temporarily overpower and incapacitate Hourman. However, he was easily frozen and killed by Icicle after attempting to confront him about the murder of his son.

4 The Shade

Shade Injustice Society Stargirl

Although the character has only made two appearances so far, Richard Swift has already proven to be one of the more powerful members of the Injustice Society. He shows up in the opening scene of the series where the original Justice Society of America faced off against the Injustice Society for the last time when he uses his powers to create a giant shadow hand and drag away Dr. Mid-Nite, killing him, and in the ending when he returned to the Injustice Society headquarters after most of the team had been defeated.

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Both times he has demonstrated his main power of controlling darkness. While the extent of his powers is unknown, he is expected to be a much more major threat in the show’s second season.

3 Icicle

Icicle Injustice Society Stargirl

As the leader of the Injustice Society, Jordan Mahkent makes most of the team’s decisions and is the orchestrator of Project New America. Jordan is a metahuman that has cryokinesis which allows him to manipulate ice in various ways. He is able to turn his entire body to ice as well as freeze people and objects, including the Cosmic Staff which was able to temporarily depower it. While he is stronger in his ice form, he was vulnerable when Mike Dugan crashed into him with a truck at the end of Season One.

2 Solomon Grundy

Stargirl Season 1 Finale Solomon Grundy defeated

A recognized Batman villain, Solomon Grundy was originally Cyrus Gold, a wealthy merchant who was brought back to life. Grundy is extremely strong due to his enormous size which makes him a dangerous opponent to most members of the JSA but his lack of intelligence makes him easy to control since his mind is similar to that of an animal. He was able to easily knock Rick Tyler’s parents’ car off the road causing them to die upon impact with a tree; he was also able to easily destroy the STRIPE armor. He is extremely durable and is able to take severe hits to his body, too. Ultimately, he was defeated by Rick as Hourman who surprisingly decided to spare his life.

1 Brainwave

Brainwave Injustice Society Stargirl

After his experiments were deemed too dangerous, Dr. Henry King began to run the experiments on himself and gained telepathy and telekinesis as a result. He was capable of holding back the Cosmic Staff and was able to learn Stargirl’s secret identity almost instantly. While he is able to recover from most attacks, a direct strike from the Cosmic Staff was enough to put him in a coma. He received a power increase when Henry died but was killed by Wildcat while creating an illusion of his son to trick her. He was the most instrumental member of the team as his abilities were at the core of their plan to use Project New America to reprogram the brains of over 100 million minds.

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