Donald Trump Suspended On Twitch Following Capitol Hill Response

After the riot that took place on Capitol Hill and Donald Trump’s controversial statements about it, his Twitch account has officially been suspended.

Twitch has officially banned President Donald Trump’s Twitch page after the recent attack on the Capitol. The Twitch page, which was used often during his campaign run, has gotten into trouble in the past but now it has been permanently disabled.

The Twitch channel was launched back in 2019, and has since been used as a decent campaigning tool to stream out his rallies to the public. But again, this isn’t the first time that the president’s Twitch channel was the source of trouble. Back in June, his channel was suspended due to a hateful comment being said on one of his streams. While this is standard protocol for Twitch, it seems that this time around, the company will not be reversing its decision.

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In a statement given by a Twitch rep, it was said that because of the “shocking” attack on the Capitol, the choice was made to disable Trump’s Twitch account altogether. The representative went on to say that Twitch believes this is the correct direction due to the president’s “incendiary rhetoric” and the circumstances surrounding the events of January 6th, and the company does not want Twitch to be used to “incite further violence” in the community.

While Trump’s suspension was lifted in July last year, it doesn’t seem like this channel will get the same amount of grace this time around. Due to the seriousness of this offense, where a mob of Pro-Trump people attempted an insurrection where a woman was tragically shot and killed during the chaos, it’s most likely the smart decision to prevent the channel from furthering operations. Trump himself has recently said he would commit to a “peaceful” transition of power, but that doesn’t change the facts of what happened the day prior.

Twitch also had a different response to another instance related to the violence on Capitol Hill, when Ryan “Gooteck” Gutierrez called for more violence at the Capitol through a tweet. Twitch ended up removing the PogChamp emote entirely after this tweet went viral, even though it has been around for some time and was quite popular. It’s clear that Twitch takes its platform very seriously and will not allow for any kinds of hate or violence to be spread, whether that be through a physical stream or through another form of social media.

Whether there will be any more involvement on Twitch‘s part to shut down hate speech and intolerance, but it’s logical to assume that the company will do everything in its power to make sure that situations like what happened at Capitol Hill do not foster hate and cruelty on its platform.

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Source: Polygon

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