Disney: 10 Movie Problems Fans Choose To Ignore

Water is wet, fire is hot, and Disney’s plethora of movies, shows, and other media will forever be the wellspring of magic that gives all of its viewers a sense of delight and wonder. These are the laws of the universe. The house of mouse’s brand of joy and animated antics will never fail to delight… or distract.

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As beloved and treasured as their movies and shows are, there are a few plot points and questions that even the most hardcore fans choose to straight-up ignore. Is it really nitpicking to acknowledge them? Or are fans content to be blinded by Disney magic?

10 How is Joe the First Jumper? (Soul)

Let’s get things rolling with one of the most recent entries in the Disney+ library, Soul. Soul is Pixar’s latest foray into the realm of existential surrealism, met with much acclaim. That being said, there’s one plot-point that sticks out more than most. How is Joe the first to flee the great beyond?

Death is a hard thing for most to accept, so it’s a bit unbelievable that Joe would be the first to try and jump back to earth. Either that or Terry is a mediocre counter.

9 Why Would Anyone Not Want to Learn Magic? (Onward)

Pixar Onward World in the past

Moving on to lighter fare, Onward is a fascinating movie that dives into magical realism with proper nods to Disney’s fantasy origins. As nice as that sentiment is, there’s one problem most fantasy fans have with this film. In a world where magic is indeed real, why choose that over modern comforts?

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Are fans really supposed to believe that a population of magical creatures is so lazy they’d forego magic in favor of modern luxuries? It doesn’t add up.

8 Where’d Those Lionesses Come From? (The Lion King II)

Outlander Lions

It might seem like a swipe at low-hanging fruit to nitpick at a direct-to-video sequel, but it’s still a point fans ignore for the sake of the story. Simba’s Pride is one of the better Disney sequels, but there really is no evidence in the original to support the existence of rogue lions.

Zira and her army of Outlanders certainly serve as interesting antagonists, but there’s not a lot of grounds for their existence. In the end, they’re actually a little forced.

7 How Is Simba So Fit After a Diet of Bugs? (The Lion King)

The Lion King is an animated masterpiece, but it’s not without flaws. For instance, the “Hakuna Matata” sequence is one of the most loved and iconic scenes in all of Disney. But as fun as watching Simba chow down on grubs is, are those bugs really enough to feed a full-grown lion?

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One of two things is probably happening here. Either Simba has been sneaking off and picking off a zebra or two without Timon and Pumbaa’s knowledge or those bugs have some serious protein.

6 Max Is Actually the Antagonist (A Goofy Movie)

A Goofy Movie is a ’90s classic and Goofy and Max are one of Disney’s most endearing duos. But upon rewatching, there’s something a bit disconcerting about Max’s actions on the trip.

Consider the following, Goofy does all in his power to try and bond with his son, but Max shuts him down at every turn. Not only that, but the premise of their journey is built on a lie he told to impress his crush. That’s not exactly Disney protagonist behavior, is it?

5 Pleasure Island is Still In Business (Pinocchio)

pinocchio and other boys on the way to pleasure island

In any modern interpretation, Pinocchio and Jiminy would at the very least make an effort to save the boys-turned-donkeys from the clutches of the Coachman and his goons, but not in the 1940s original. As soon as Pinoke starts showing signs of donkeyism, the pair turn tail and run.

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They don’t look back, they don’t save the others, they don’t even confront the Coachman. As far as the audience knows, Honest John, Gideon, and the Coachmen get off scot-free.

4 Is Ichabod Really a Good Guy? (The Legend of Sleepy Hollow)

Ichabod Crane from Disney's The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

Ichabod Crane isn’t truly a bad guy, but his intentions aren’t exactly that honorable. After his encounter with Katrina Van Tassel, his imagination starts to run laps around a prospective (and prosperous) relationship.

Ichabod is broke, Katrina is the daughter of the wealthiest farmer in the county, he doesn’t just want to court her, he wants to make an investment. He even daydreams old Baltus out of the picture. Maybe Brom Bones wasn’t such a bad choice for Katrina in the end.

3 Where Did Grogu Come From? (Star Wars/The Mandalorian)

The Mandalorian Baby Yoda On Tython

This is a question that has been circulating the internet since the little green bundle of joy first surfaced, but it’s still yet to be answered. Considering Yoda’s species is still unknown to this day and there are only two known members in the film series, there has to be some connection between Grogu and the Jedi master.

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Is he Yoda’s offspring, a clone, or something new altogether? It’s still a mystery, but one that doesn’t seem like it will be answered any time soon.

2 What Do the Predators Eat? (Zootopia)

There have been several fan speculations as to the answer to this rather dark riddle, but Disney has yet to confirm or deny one. In a world inhabited by predator and prey species, one of these two has to eat meat to survive. So where does the meat come from?

Since there are no bird, fish, or insect characters around in this universe, it may be that they are reserved as game animals. Either that or Zootopia has a seriously convincing meat substitute.

1 Ariel Is a Terrible Heroine (The Little Mermaid)

6. Ariel. The Little Mermaid .

She might be one of the most beloved members of Disney’s royal circle, but is Ariel really all that admirable? Yes, she’s got a voice anyone would kill for, but Ariel leaves a lot to be desired in the heroine department.

Her character arc basically boils down to a teenage girl crushing too hard on someone her father doesn’t approve of, essentially whining till she gets in trouble with a sea witch, and she even gets what she wants in the end with little to no development at all.

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Disney: 10 Bad Lessons The Movies Taught, According To Reddit

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