David Gives Annie A Baby, Asks Fans For Name Ideas On IG

It’s been three years since David Toborwsky’s marriage and 90 Day Fiancé fans now want to see the TLC star and Annie’s baby. Here’s a little update.

It’s been three years since the popular 90 Day Fiancé couple David Toborowsky and Annie Suwan got married and fans are excitedly waiting for some good news. David, who had three grown kids of his own had created quite a stir by dating Annie, half his age. But amidst the drama and the dowry, Davis and Annie found happiness and are still together. And Instagram fans of the 90 Day Fiancé stars were in for a surprise recently when David announced he’d finally given Annie a baby!

In spite of David’s history that involved infidelity, financial fiascos, and alcohol issues, 90 Day Fiancé’s Annie took the plunge when he offered her a drink at a karaoke bar. The couple faced plenty of problems in Thailand with Annie’s family asking the Kentucky man David for a major dowry and him later taking his friend Chris’ help to sponsor her K-1 visa. But upon reaching America, Annie had to deal with David’s children, mostly a daughter who doubted her intentions. But with her signature sweetness, Annie won David’s family over, just like she went on to get unexpected popularity via 90 Day Fiancé Pillow Talk. But of course, now fans wanted the pretty Filipina to take her relationship with David to the next level which makes them leave rows of comments asking the couple about baby plans on IG. And although David usually dodges them with laughing emojis, the 90 Day Fiancé celebs’ new post did make fans skip a heartbeat.

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While updating 90 Day Fiancé fans that he and the missus are still at home in North Scottsdale, David captioned his Instagram post with, “Annie said she wanted a Baby. Well, today we took our new baby home.” But sadly, David was just joking around with his 491k plus Instagram followers as the post carried a picture of Annie holding a large teddy bear. However, David took the prank a step further by writing, “We are still trying to decide a name for him. Any suggestions?”

Meanwhile, 90 Day Fiancé Annie who somehow looks cuter than the bear in the picture got the genius idea to turn the joke into a contest! “What ever name I pick 1winner will get one of my Handmade Apron!!!!!!!” wrote Annie which led David’s followers to send in the craziest and cleverest of submissions. “Dannie! David and Annie together,” commented one TLC viewer, while another one exclaimed, “ToBearowsky.” A fan recalled the 90 Day Fiancé couple’s signature “Boom Boom” quite and a few of David and Annie’s co-stars such as Anny and Amira Lollysa also tried their luck. Sometime later, David updated his followers via stories that the top two names seem to be “Baht Bear” and “Big Boom Bear” while sharing a picture of the coveted aprons made by Annie. Looks like the Spice It Up With David & Annie pair will be crowning two lucky 90 Day Fiancé fans as winners, one on IG and one on Facebook.

All jokes aside, fans will recall David once mentioning how he wouldn’t mind reversing the vasectomy operation he’d had after his divorce in case Annie did want to start a family. And although the couple is happy with their current arrangement and the multiple 90 Day Fiancé spin-off they seem to juggle, who knows, the stork might just deliver a baby Toborowsky when fans are least expecting.

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Source: David Toborowsky/Instagram

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