Customizable Fortnite Skin Is Pay To Win According To Fans

Fortnite’s customizable superhero skin is pay to win according to fans after players are using the skin to blend into the game’s darker areas.

Epic Games once assured players that every item that could be purchased from Fortnite’s in-game store is purely for cosmetic purposes and that they will not give any player a leg-up in battle, however, players are claiming that a customizable skin that was recently released has pay-to-win qualities. In fact, customizing this skin in a certain way can make the player virtually undetectable.

This isn’t the first instance that Fortnite has released a cosmetic item that has unintentionally given players an advantage in the game. Over the holidays, popular Fortnite content creator SypherPK uploaded a video to YouTube in which he showcased how some of the holiday-themed skins could give players an advantage over other players. While this video was mostly meant for the sake of humor, other broken cosmetics have caused Epic Games to rework its designs to ensure they are fair to use against players who don’t own those cosmetics.

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Fortnite’s newest alleged pay-to-win skin scandal stems from the Boundless customizable skin line which allows players to change various aspects of their character to create a superhero. This skin was introduced during Fortnite‘s crossover with Marvel, but only recently did players discover a new exploit with the skin. Players are able to highly customize the skin’s color scheme, and it was discovered that players who set every color of their skin to black are hard to see when hiding in shadowy areas. Twitter account Fortnite INTEL posted an example of the exploit showing a blacked-out figure hiding in a dark corner of what seems to be Butter Barn.

Some players responded to the tweet with their own images showing how well the skin can blend into its surroundings. While Fortnite has fixed cosmetics that offer this kind of advantage in the past, it’s hard to think of a way it could fix this skin without flat out disabling it. While this color combo may not be helpful in the end game or in open areas, it still offers an unfair advantage for those who choose to play free-to-play.

Until this is fixed, expect to see an influx of players dressed as silhouettes. Also, players should be wary that any shadowy corner or dark crevice might contain a barely-visible player. Of course, the advantage this skin offers isn’t an intentional inclusion from Epic Games, but it does prove how cunning and resourceful some Fortnite players can be.

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Source: Fortnite INTEL

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