Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The 10 Saddest Things About Amy

The first thing to know about Amy Santiago from Brooklyn Nine-Nine is that she’s a Type-A personality — she is extremely competitive and eerily organized, but at the same time, she burdens herself with backbreaking work, simply so she can have her goals achieved by a certain deadline (as decided by her.) The love she has for the streamlined beauty of bureaucracy must never be underestimated.

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Her intense demeanor aside, Amy is a properly dependable friend, even if she comments on the most frivolous of topics, consequently frustrating the 99. In part due to her attitude, she undergoes several moments of unnecessary grief. The only problem is that she believes that she’s best suited to keeping the world together, which upsets her friends as well as her husband, Jake.

10 Refuses To Let Anyone Take Charge

Amy Santiago is an excellent administrator: she knows how to arrange things in the most efficient manner possible, but this need for productivity often explodes into control-freak type behavior.

She strongly avers that she’s the best person available for the job, whatever the job might be. It’s possible that Amy truly believes in the superiority of her competence (given that she’s mostly right), but that’s no reason not to allow others to make important decisions that affect them as well.

9 Uncontrollably Neurotic

Amy’s demeanor is naturally aligned towards attaining perfection in every aspect of her life. Unfortunately, she thinks that a hyper-level of organization is the best way to stay ahead of the crowd. This has consequently developed into a variety of manic tendencies, most of them revolving around the 99’s rules and regulations.

In fact, Gina constantly picks on her for her “straight-A” attitude, which is hilarious at times (but largely hurtful.) More importantly, one of the ways in which she compensates for her compulsiveness is through smoking.

8 Overworks To Prove Herself

If there ever was a member of the 99 who would work and work until their metaphorical feet fell off, it would be Amy Santiago. She is extremely diligent and proactive, explaining why she gets promoted to sergeant at such a relatively young age.

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On the other hand, she toughs it out a bit beyond her own capabilities, in one case when she is nine months pregnant. She takes charge of the station during an unexpected power cut, and powers through her contractions until Rosa has to force her to go to hospital. Think of the baby, Amy!

7 Can’t Break Out Of Her Safe Zone

Amy doesn’t like making a decision until viewing and reviewing all possible outcomes of a particular action, which is quite bothersome to the others. It’s great that she takes a plan through every single step, and in triplicate, but there have been instances in which a bit of spontaneity might have been more effective.

What’s worse is that the more she’s pushed out of her happy places, the stranger her levels of panic attack become, going from “anxiety braiding” to creepily mumbling songs to destroying innocent equipment that happens to be in her path. Nobody needs a chill pill more than Amy.

6 Can’t Accept Losing

Amy’s best life is spent on the high burner — everything she does has been in order to accomplish something or get noticed. As such, losing at anything, however inane it might be, is not a possibility for her. Sadly, Amy can stretch sad into miserable when she has her eyes set on the prize.

The Halloween Heists have proved that everyone in the 99 is capable of incredible cunning and deception, and equally willing to throw their friends under the bus for a random metal-plated cummerbund. One of Amy’s schemes is pretending that she’s pregnant, which obviously thrills her husband (who is later noticeably disappointed.)

5 Thinks Others Aren’t As Smart As She Is

There’s no doubt that Amy is one of the most intelligent people at the 99, possibly even the NYPD. She knows everything there is to know about the job and doesn’t seem to comprehend that she’s not the only one who loves what they do.

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For the most part, her rants can be ignored, but she has implied on several occasions that she’s smarter than the others, especially Jake. He takes it without complaining, knowing that Amy doesn’t mean any harm by it, but the fact that she doesn’t understand the damaging potential of her insulting words is distressing.

4 Lives For The Praise Of Authority Figures

Amy and Holt on Brooklyn 99

One of the most pitiful aspects of Amy is that her lifeblood lies in the acceptance and appreciation of her superior officers. This sort of kowtowing is not easy to watch, mostly because her well-intentioned attempts at ingratiation fail in the most humiliating ways.

It has been revealed that most of Amy’s neediness comes from not having obtained the required affection from her parents, whom she blames for being biased in favor of David, her older brother. An unfortunate result of an incomplete childhood.

3 Avoidable Emotional Breakdowns

Amy can handle considerably more than her squad, and she does it willingly and without complaint. In fact, she volunteers for most of the tasks that Captain Holt wants his officers to complete.

The problem is the side-effect of such intense pressure: Amy’s emotional explosions. Aside from furiously screaming at Hitchcock for calling her almond a cashew (but not for actually stepping on and crushing it), she sporadically empties her anger at people who don’t deserve her wrath.

2 Petty Jealousy

Amy is largely kind-hearted, and evidently cares about her loved ones, but her ambitions sometimes get in the way of her friendships. For instance, when Rosa is invited to take up the captain’s position at the Ropesburg Police Department, Amy is incredibly envious of the achievement.

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This is because Rosa would have then surpassed her on the success ladder, something she is not mature enough to handle, at least in the beginning. It takes some time, and some semi-friendly banter, to restore the bond between the two women.

1 Her Everlasting Trust In Hierarchy

Amy Santiago in her business suit

Amy’s brain is heavily reliant on the rigidity of logic, which makes it easy for her to navigate the elaborately vexing world of bureaucracy. At the same time, it suggests that Amy’s trust in the system is rather deep, making it less likely for her to observe (or accept) any mistakes made by it.

This becomes obvious when, as Rosa refers to it, she “breaks her brain” when because she’s unable to compute the irrationality of having two forms, each of which can be approved only by the other. Amy doesn’t tap all that much into her maudlin side, if at all.

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