Andrea Explains ‘Resentment’ Over Lamar’s Eldest Daughter

Andrea Edwards of Life After Lockup is opening up about the tension that exists between her and Lamar’s eldest daughter from a previous relationship.

Fans of Life After Lockup have watched the tension mount between Andrea Edwards and Lamar Jackson on season four. Now, in an exclusive clip of Friday’s episode, Andrea explains why she’s so bothered by Lamar’s communication with his eldest daughter, Shante.

Since their inception on season two of Love After Lockup, Andrea and Lamar have entertained fans with their opposites attract-style romance. Andrea is a Utah native and devout Mormon who fell in love with Lamar while he was serving an 18-year prison sentence. Lamar, an LA native and former gangbanger, grew accustomed to Andrea’s outspoken personality. The single mother of three maintained the long-distance relationship leading up to Lamar’s 2018 release. During their first season, Andrea reluctantly admitted to conceiving her youngest daughter with Lamar during an unofficial conjugal visit. She also has two older children from a previous relationship. After Lamar tried living in Utah upon his release, a family vote led the group to relocate to Lamar’s hometown of Los Angeles.

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Now, with Lamar back with his family, this season shows his attempt to create a relationship between his two daughters. The only issue is, viewers had no idea Lamar had another child until now. Andrea has forced him to keep his eldest daughter, Shante, a secret from his youngest daughter, Priscilla. In an exclusive clip of Friday’s episode, Lamar and Andrea get into a spat due to Lamar setting up a private meeting with his daughters. In frustration, Andrea opens up about her issues with the situation and why she doesn’t care to have a relationship with her daughter-in-law. “I can admit maybe I shouldn’t of did that,” Lamar said while venting to himself. “But you couldn’t just be like ‘baby why didn’t you come talk to me?” He went on to call his wife out for “still barking,” which ultimately set her off. Watch the full clip below:

After Andrea starts questioning him for “talking bad” about her, the couple gets into a verbal back and forth with Andrea telling Lamar she heard him talking about her through the window. While speaking to producers, Andrea gave the backstory on her history with Lamar’s daughter Shante. “I don’t talk to Shante. So the only things I know about Shante, is what Lamar tells me,” she explained. “I’ve heard that Shante was very upset and mad that I didn’t tell her that Priscilla is her sister. I personally feel like that’s up to her dad to tell her. But Shante feels like it’s my fault. Like everything her dad does wrong, is my fault.” 

The news comes as a surprise, considering Lamar had yet to mention his older daughter until this season. Fans will have to wait and see if the family is able to come together so Priscilla can have a relationship with her older sister.

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