5 Characters He Would Be Perfect For In The MCU (& 5 For The DC Multiverse)

In the 1990s and early 2000s, Jim Carrey was a king of his craft. First, he made waves with successful comedies like Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Liar Liar. Then over the years, he expanded and showed his range in a large variety of movies; from Man On The Moon to Dr. Seuss’s The Grinch.

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Back in 1995, Jim Carrey took on a comic book role; this was when he played the Riddler in Batman Forever. While he was entertaining to watch, the movie itself did not age well for fans. Now after Carrey’s return to blockbusters with Sonic The Hedgehog, fans would love to see him return to DC or Marvel for a new role.

10 DC: The Joker

Batman Death in the Family Joker with Knife

Jim Carrey was practically born for this role. Not only does Jim Carrey look identical to him but he’s already played similar characters. Mix the dark and twisted nature of his performance in The Number 23 with something like The Mask and there’s his Joker.

It is inevitable that Robert Pattinson’s Batman will face off against a new Joker. If anybody can pull it off, it is Jim Carrey; even though the character of the Joker has become a bit overused.

9 Marvel: MODOK

MODOK Final Form - Marvel's Avengers

The character of MODOK has gotten a lot of attention recently, especially in Marvel’s Avengers videogame. It showed that MODOK actually can be portrayed as a threatening and even disturbing villain. With the right script and actor, MODOK could be a great threat to the MCU.

Jim Carrey recently showed off his ability to play an evil genius with Robotnik in Sonic The Hedgehog. Sure it was comedic but he was also a great villain overall. So if he mixed that with one of his darker roles, it would be fascinating to see Jim Carrey progressively transform from George Tarleton to the evil MODOK.

8 DC: Jay Garrick

With DC pushing for the Multiverse via the upcoming The Flash movie, there are two Speedsters that should be introduced or teased. One is Barry Allen’s iconic rival in the form of Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash. The other being the REAL first Speedster: Jay Garrick.

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Jay Garrick is the Golden Age Flash and an icon for the DC world. Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen could use a mentor figure to teach him how to control the Speed Force. Jim Carrey is just the right age to play Jay and give a supporting role that would likely steal the show.

7 Marvel: Crossfire

With Hawkeye getting his own series on Disney+, fans are curious as to which villains will be introduced. Well, one obvious choice would be to go with one of Hawkeye’s greatest rivals: Crossfire. He is a CIA agent who became one of Earth’s deadliest assassins.

He also happens to be Darren Cross’s brother, William. Crossfire has fought Hawkeye many times in the comics but he has also been a threat for Moon Knight. So not only would Crossfire allow Jim Carrey to embrace a grittier villain but he could be in two Marvel projects.

6 DC: The Question

The Question - DC Comics

Jim Carrey is known for warping his face for the camera. So it’d be a neat twist to have Jim Carrey with no face at all! Vic Sage is one of the best detectives of the DC Universe, taking on all kinds of corruption and conspiracies; think Rorschach from Watchmen but less insane.

The Question is also a more humorous detective with a lot of witty comebacks and quirky traits. This would allow Jim Carrey to play a more serious role while still having elements of his iconic roles of the past.

5 Marvel: Nova

Whether it’s through Thor: Love And Thunder or Captain Marvel 2, Nova is in dire need of an introduction. With the Nova Corps being destroyed by Thanos, now would be the perfect time to introduce Nova as the last member of the Corps. Now he’s acting as an intergalactic superhero rather than a cop.

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Jim Carrey would more than fit within the crazy yet fun world of Guardians Of The Galaxy. However, Nova could also be a chance for him to show his range as he deals with the loss of his Corps.

4 DC: Guy Gardner

Green Lantern Guy Gardner

In a similar vein, Jim Carrey could join the Green Lanterns. There is one member who Jim could nail and that’s Guy Gardner, a hotheaded ring slinger with a heart of gold. He’s cocky, arrogant, and is often ready to start a fight with other Lanterns but it’s hard to hate him.

Jim Carrey has played plenty of loveable jerks in the past: Carl from Yes Man, the Grinch, and even Robotnik was impossible to hate. This would make him a perfect addition to the Green Lantern series on HBO Max. As a plus, it would be another character in Jim Carrey’s tenure associated with the color green.

3 Marvel: Chameleon

Chameleon From Marvel Comics

The Chameleon was actually Spider-Man’s very first villain in the comics. This is why it is shocking that no movie has attempted to utilize him. He’s a master of disguise and master spy who can imitate anyone using masks and his range of performance.

Not difficult to see why Jim Carrey would be perfect for this role. Jim practically transforms himself with every role with many different kinds of performances. Jim can also play a Slavic character quite well as shown with his overlooked Dark Crimes.

2 DC: Plastic Man

plastic man dc comics

Another role that Jim Carrey was born for: Plastic Man. With the ability to stretch, morph, and alter his body in any way, Plastic Man is an interesting hero. He began as a small-time crook but when he fell into a vat of chemicals, it resulted in his new elastic abilities and a path to “heroism.”

Jim Carrey already has one of the most elastic bodies and faces in Hollywood history. However, Jim has also played a character similar to Plastic Man with The Mask: wild, goofy, and stretchy. In pretty much every way, Jim Carrey matches Plastic Man who is supposedly getting his own movie.

1 Marvel: Molecule Man

Who is Molecule Man? Arguably the most powerful villain in the universe since he has the ability to alter matter and energy on a molecular level in any way. Yes, this is a real Marvel villain and he has the potential to be even more dangerous than Thanos.

Jim Carrey already kind of looks like the character. Plus, the MCU has been nailing it with the surprising yet perfect castings of villains lately. Jim Carrey as the next giant villain would definitely be a surprise but if anybody can do it, it’s him.

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