10 Best Season 3 Episodes, Ranked By IMDb

Mike & Molly was a simple comedy that revolved entirely around a Chicago police officer, the relationship he would form with a school-teacher/writer, and the life that the happy titular couple would share together.

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While the show never soared in the ratings or dazzled during award season (though Melissa McCarthy did win an Emmy for her role) the series contains plenty of light-hearted humor that week-to-week kept audiences laughing, and by season 3 the quirky family-friendly comedy had truly found its niche.

10 Molly’s Birthday, Episode 12 (6.7)

Mike and Molly

Everybody likes to be spoiled on their birthday and Mike decided to pull out all the stops for his lovely wife during this episode – unfortunately, Molly’s birthday actually gets spoiled when Victoria announces that her drug-dealer will be sleeping on their couch for a few days.

Things only get worse when Mike accidentally eats some “weed-gelato” and gets absolutely stoned out of his mind, causing him to panic and sprint out into the Chicago winter weather. Luckily he finds his way to Carl’s new apartment and his best-friend takes care of him until Molly shows up.

9 Mike Likes Cake, Episode 3 (6.8)

mike and molly

Season 2 ended with Christina and Carl seemingly going to take their relationship to the next level. Sadly, by the third episode of the new season, Carl and Christina’s relationship was already done, due to the revelation that Christina was going to try and make things work with her ex-husband (for the sake of the child that they had together).

Meanwhile, Mike makes it incredibly hard for Molly to put together a “wedding photo album” thanks to Mike having his eyes closed, eating something, or just generally looking like a buffoon in every picture.

8 Molly in the Middle, Episode 4 (6.8)

mike and molly

Mike and Molly really liked to move fast when it came to their relationship. After having only been married for 4 episodes, the titular couple decides that they want to try and start having kids. However, their initial plans get a tad derailed when Carl finds out that Molly is still hanging out with Christina (despite their break-up) causing Molly to have to pick sides.

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She initially sides with Christina and keeps hanging out with her… until Christina starts talking trash about Carl to Molly’s face, causing Molly to promptly kick Christina out of her life.

7 Yard Sale, Episode 6 (6.9)

mike and molly

Every house has too much junk in it, including sitcom houses. During this episode, Joyce and the girls decide to get rid of all of the stuff they have piled-up in the basement and attic and host a yard-sale.

Meanwhile, Mike and the guys take Carl on a fishing trip to help him get over his breakup with Christina, but due to poor planning, a broken-down RV, and a lack of food, the trip turns into a complete mess and only manages to sour Carl’s mood even more. In the end, after the guys return home, Mike and Molly decide to turn the now-empty basement into a small apartment for themselves.

6 Mike Likes Briefs, Episode 8 (6.9)

mike and molly

Again, what was up with Mike and Molly wanting to move so fast in their relationship? After only 4 episodes of trying to have a child, the couple begins to get discouraged that they aren’t pregnant yet.

Despite the completely unrealistic timeline for the magical-event to occur, Mike and Molly immediately begin looking into different ways to help elevate their “fertility” (such as Mike switching from boxers to briefs). However, regardless of their new efforts, they still end the episode without being pregnant… but they keep on trying.

5 The Honeymoon is Over, Episode 1 (7.0)

mike and molly

With the season 2 finale covering Mike and Molly’s wedding, it was only natural for the season 3 premiere to handle their honeymoon coming to a close. After spending two weeks in Paris, Mike and Molly hop on a plane and make the long flight home to Chicago, discussing the entire time how the honeymoon has changed Mike forever and how he wants to explore more of the world.

However, as soon as Molly starts listing all of the places that she’d like to visit (none of which coincide with Mike’s interests) he returns to his usual self and just wants to be sitting on his couch watching tv.

4 Thanksgiving is Cancelled, Episode 7 (7.0)

mike and molly

Thanksgiving is the best day of the year for anybody who loves good food… or who doesn’t have to cook a gigantic meal. So, when Mike gets the flu on Thanksgiving, the girls of the house are ecstatic since they don’t want to go through the hassle of preparing a large dinner.

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Unfortunately, Vince ruins their hopes when he announces that his brother will be coming for Thanksgiving, starting a fight with Joyce that escalates into how she’s upset that they still haven’t set a wedding date. After Joyce flirts with Vince’s brother to make him jealous, the two finally sit down and talk about when to tie-the-knot.

3 Karaoke Christmas, Episode 10 (7.0)

mike and molly

One of the recurring themes throughout the series was how bad Molly was with money. During this particular Christmas episode, Mike gets incredibly fed-up with Molly’s spending habits when she knows that they’re deeply in debt. Things only get worse for Mike when his boss and his mother (who are dating) force Mike and Molly to go to church with them on Christmas Eve.

Meanwhile, Larry buys Victoria a karaoke machine for Christmas and the rest of the family spends the holiday at the Flynn household as they sing karaoke Christmas songs together.

2 Mike’s Boss, Episode 5 (7.4)

mike and molly

As stated above, Mike’s boss began dating Mike’s mother for most of season 3 and this was the episode where the two sparked their relationship. Before their first date actually occurs, Mike loves the idea of his boss dating his mother since his boss immediately begins showering him with gifts (court-side Bulls tickets, a high-tech squad car, etc).

However, Mike quickly comes crashing down to earth after his boss tears him apart for spending more time with his wife than his mother. He then forces Mike (and Molly) into weekly dinners and church sessions with him and his mother for the foreseeable future.

1 Vince Takes a Bath, Episode 2 (7.6)

mike and molly

Despite being engaged to Joyce, Vince and Molly had never truly gotten along and things certainly didn’t get any better during this episode. When Vince accidentally throws his back-out and becomes practically paralyzed, Joyce leaves Mike and Molly (mostly Molly) to deal with her incapacitated fiancé.

Vince makes things incredibly hard for Mike and Molly as they try to take care of him (feeding him, bathing him, etc) to the point where Molly finally confronts Joyce and forces her to come home and take care of her spouse.

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