Zach Braff Volunteers To Play Georgia Senator-Elect Jon Ossoff

Zach Braff expresses interest in joining SNL as Jon Ossoff, who was chosen as one of Georgia’s senators in a runoff election this week.

Zach Braff is interested in playing Georgia senator-elect Jon Ossoff On Saturday Night Live. Politics have always been a big part of the show, though more so in the last few years. Alec Baldwin famously played Donald Trump throughout his presidency, though he expressed excitement at losing the gig after the 2020 Election. This fall, Jim Carrey spent the first part of SNL‘s season portraying president-elect Joe Biden. However, he announced his resignation from the role in December, with SNL cast member Alex Moffat taking over.

The Biden administration will also be represented by SNL alum Maya Rudolph, provided she continues to play vice president-elect Kamala Harris. Various cast members will likely continue to portray U.S. Senators and Representatives, many of whom have already appeared on the show. However, Ossoff, who only won his election this week, hasn’t been a part of a sketch yet and doesn’t have an actor assigned to him as of now.

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As results came in on Tuesday night, Braff posted a gif of Ossoff to his Twitter account, captioning it simply, “Lorne. I got this,” in reference to SNL creator Lorne Michaels. As of this writing, Braff’s tweet has over 40,000 likes, suggesting many viewers are on board with the idea.

Braff bears a passing resemblance to Ossoff, which is likely why he volunteered for the job. The actor has shown off his comedic skills in shows like Scrubs and could be a good fit to play the senator-elect. However, it seems unlikely Braff will actually land the gig. SNL casting proposals happen often on social media. Sometimes an actor themselves pitches it, while other times fans point out the similarities between a celebrity and a politician. For someone like Ossoff, who likely won’t appear on SNL often, if at all, it’s more likely a cast member will be chosen for the role. Additionally, prior to the Trump era, the show focused on politics primarily during election years. It stands to reason SNL may go back to that model after Biden assumes the presidency. There would then be less of a need for someone to play Ossoff.

It’s also worth noting that, though Ossoff is very much in the public eye right now, he won’t be as much of a factor when SNL returns. There’s no new episode this weekend, and the show likely won’t be back until the end of January. By that time, there will be far less focus on Ossoff, lessening the need for anyone, including Braff, to take on the role.

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