Why Rust Keybinds Are So Important (& How To Set Them)

Keybinds can be a helpful way to play PC games, but they are extremely important (and even life-saving) in a survival game like Rust. Here’s why.

Despite releasing years ago, Rust from Facepunch Studios has reached new heights of popularity recently. Because of this, many players are flocking to the survival game for the first time. Currently, Rust is only available on Steam, and like many PC games, keybinds are important for creating a smoother gaming experience. In fact, having the right keybinds in Rust can even be life-saving.

Thanks to a number of popular streamers on Twitch, Rust is getting a resurge in popularity. This means a lot of new players are coming to the game, and they may feel overwhelmed by the various survival mechanics. Rust has both PvE and PvP elements, which means the world is extremely dangerous. Scavenging for food, crafting, and building a safe place to stay are important – but people have to fight off other players while doing it. This is where Rust’s keybinds become very important.

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Keybinds are essentially shortcuts which allow players to perform actions quickly in PC games. Until Rust releases on consoles or becomes cross-platform, keybinds are an effective way to play the game on Steam. Players can keybind useful moves in combat, as well as implementing shortcuts to auto-craft helpful items like bandages. Keybinds are also an efficient way to enable auto run or auto swim, making exploring the dangerous world of Rust a little easier. For people who aren’t used to playing PC games or using keybinds in Rust, it’s thankfully not too difficult to start using them.

How To Set Keybinds In Rust

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The easiest way to start using keybinds in Rust is by hitting the F1 button. Players will then need to type in the correct commands they want to keybind. Keybinds typically follow the same format. In Rust, this means starting with “bind” and entering the button to use for that keybind, followed by the actual command. For instance, enabling auto run would be “bind q forward; sprint,” with players pressing “Q” to start auto-running. In order to save the keybinds, players will then need to enter “writecfg.”

Enabling keybinds can be one of the most important things to do when starting Rust for the first time. It makes gameplay a lot easier, and creates useful shortcuts that might be paramount to surviving. It can also make performing tasks like mining and crafting a bit easier, since keybinds can be programmed to do this automatically or even permanently until the action is cancelled.

While players eagerly await Rust‘s arrival on consoles, the game has been in full release on PC for two years. However, for anyone playing the game on that platform, keybinds are very important. They can make pretty much every aspect of Rust easier – and could end up being life-saving, especially in PvP combat.

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