What Stardew Valley’s Best Animal Is & Why

For Stardew Valley players looking to make the most of their livestock investment, there are a few animals that they should consider purchasing.

Building investments in Stardew Valley is one of the primary ways to earn money, however turning a profit with different farm animals is actually more difficult that it might seem. Players can choose from a decent selection of basic farm animals that are unlocked as they upgrade their barns and coops. Players can select chickens, ducks, cows and even tiny dinosaurs among many others. However, some of the most profitable animals aren’t available until the player has invested in the Deluxe Coop and Deluxe Barn upgrades later into their games.

Because of this setback, players are left trying to grind coins out of eggs and milk while they save up resources for the upgrades. Once unlocked however, there are a few Stardew Valley livestock choices to invest in depending on a player’s preferences. While some animals are best for making items like cheese and oil, others have resources that are most profitable when sold straight from the animal, rather than putting them into a machine to create an artisan item. Because of this, players will want to consider what sort of grind they are willing to do to turn a profit with their animals in Stardew Valley.

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The first option players should consider, according to research done by players on StardewValley.Fandom.Com, is the rabbit. Players will need to put in the resources for the Deluxe Coop to unlock it, but investing in Stardew Valley’s Rabbit has a perk that is almost more important than profit, as it can drop a lucky Rabbit’s Foot, which is a rare item in the game. However, it will only do so once the player has built up the rabbit’s affection level. In the meantime rabbits will drop wool that players can sell for between 340G-816G. Selling a Rabbit Foot will net a player between 565G-1356G depending on the quality level, if they don’t want to keep it for gifting to one of Stardew Valley’s marriage candidates.

Stardew Valley Animals Can Make Players A Solid Profit

The next Stardew Valley animal players should consider also requires the deluxe upgrade for the barn. Pigs are highly profitable, with the ability to find multiple truffles a day that are worth between 500G-1250G depending on the quality. The higher a player’s friendship with their pigs go, the more truffles they can find in a day. The only setback to pig farming is that truffles can’t be found in the rain or during winter, making the cold season a difficult time for Stardew Valley farmers.

Possibly the best option, according to Stardew Valley player findings, may be the goat. Unlike the pig and rabbit, players only need a Big Barn Upgrade to access them, allowing players to buy them earlier in the game. Their milk is worth a decent profit when sold, sitting at 225G-828G, but the real money maker is the goat cheese Stardew Valley players can cure in casks. This is worth between 400G-1120G all year long. While goats can only be milked every other day, they aren’t held back by seasonal changes, nor do they need a large amount of affection to become profitable quickly. Because of the goat’s early accessibility and low maintenance, it is a great option for turning a profit.

While players need a variety of animals to complete Stardew Valley’s community center bundles, they won’t need to keep more than one of each in total. With the ability to have multiple coops and barns on their farmland, mass farming pigs, goats and rabbits is easy to do once players are established. While animal farming isn’t the easiest way to turn a profit in Stardew Valley, it is a fun challenge for those who want to spend their time with their animals instead of watering plants all day in the fields.

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