What Does Vinny Think Of Pauly D’s Bleach Blond Hair?

Pauly D of Jersey Shore debuted his new look with bleach blond hair in December to varying reactions from fans. What does Vinny think of it?

Pauly D of Jersey Shore debuted his new look with bleach blond hair in December to varying reactions from fans. Here’s what his BFF Vinny Guadagnino had to say about the drastic change.

Pauly D’s hair has long been part of his signature look. The guido became famous for his towering, gelled-back, brunette do that he’s been partial to since the beginning of Jersey Shore in 2009. He has said that hair is “everything” to him in interviews, and takes his routine seriously. However, he ditched the traditional look for bleach blond hair in December, showing it off in an Instagram post. Fans reactions were mixed, but his girlfriend, Nikki Hall, and other friends seemed to approve. This isn’t the only recent change in Pauly’s life. He added a beard to his look earlier this year, and is getting serious with Nikki, who he met on Double Shot At Love. The two have been quarantining together at Pauly’s Las Vegas home. This was a shock for friends and family of the perpetual bachelor, but Pauly seems to be embracing his new, loved up life.

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But what was Vinny’s opinion on the new hair? Pauly and Vinny are inseparable these days, working on Double Shot At Love, Revenge Prank and Jersey Shore: Family Vacation together. On Instagram, Vinny was supportive of Pauly’s new look, writing, “I used to be a brunette guy but now I love blondes.” In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Vinny was asked what he really thinks of the bleach blond. “Well, I was a little upset,” he joked, “He didn’t ask my permission first.” Vinny compared the change to what someone would do after a breakup. “Like when girls break up with their man and they change their hair color and they got a tattoo,” he explained, “[Pauly] did everything. Booked a vacation, he went to Tulum.”

Dj Pauly D and Vinny Double Shot At Love MTV

But Pauly denies any big life change led to the new look. “COVID got me doing some weird things man,” he said to Us Weekly, “I got too much time at home.” It looks like that might be about to change, as Revenge Prank was recently renewed for a second season by MTV. When asked if blondes have more fun, Pauly added, “It doesn’t matter when my hair is blond, brunette, I have a lot of fun.” Pauly was undecided as to whether he would keep the new look, but said it was, “pretty cool.”

What do you think of the Pauly’s hair and should he keep it? We’ll have to watch out for more changes from the Jersey Shore star.

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Source: Us Weekly

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