Venom Will Battle The King in Black From Beyond The Grave

While things haven’t been looking good for Eddie Brock in Marvel’s King in Black, not even the afterlife is going to stop him from fighting

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Venom #32 from Donny Cates and Iban Coello

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Venom, Eddie Brock is not doing well, as he just died in the Marvel Universe. Having been killed by Knull during the Symbiote God’s invasion in King in Blackthis new tie-in issue to the massive Marvel event sees Eddie in the Great Beyond…or at least what passes for it for symbiote hosts. However, it quickly becomes apparent that Brock is literally too stubborn to stay dead or be at peace, and he’s going to do whatever it takes to get his Venom symbiote back and take the fight to Knull, even if it’s from the afterlife.

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In the first chapter of King In Black from Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman, Venom and the other heroes did everything they could to prepare and defend their world from the onslaught of Knull’s legions of his symbiotes, but there were far too many and the Symbiote God’s power was too great. He quickly overtook the entire world, corrupting several heroes, assimilating them into his armies, while also covering the entire planet in one massive symbiote dome. Knull also ripped Eddie Brock’s symbiote from his body before tossing him off the side of a skyscraper to die. While surviving heroes such as Iron Man and Reed Richards tried to save Eddie in his critical condition during the second issue, Eddie Brock ultimately died in spite of their efforts.

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However, Eddie has now woken up in Venom #32 from Cates and artist Iban Coello, finding himself existing as a codex memory within Knull’s hive of symbiotes. Unlike more recent hosts, Eddie is able to move around, interacting with the likewise deceased Rex Strickland, who helps him understand and adjust to his new reality. However, Eddie refuses to simply accept his own death. There’s a fight going on, and he’s going to do everything in his power to win, even from the symbiote version of the afterlife.

Learning that Knull still has his Venom symbiote in his possession, Eddie is planning to reconnect with his other and find a way to keep fighting Knull. While Strickland is able to influence some symbiotes in the real world due to being symbiote-bonded for a couple of years, Brock believes he can do a whole lot more considering that he’s worn a symbiote longer than any human who’s ever lived. Ironically, it seems as though that’s what’s going to help him in a big way now that he’s dead. Furthermore, Eddie won’t be fighting alone: Strickland agrees to join him, and he also brings back an old and long-dead ally: Flash Thompson, also known as Agent Venom.

With Rex and Flash’s help, Eddie might just be able to reconnect with Venom, which will then give him a fighting change to face Knull once more. However, it could mean that while Venom is in the real world, Eddie might not ever be able to return to his physical body, leaving him no choice but to remain a codex. While it would be a very grim yet intriguing concept, it comes to pass that the roles of Venom and Brock might flip: Venom would become the host, while Brock would become the one needing a tether and attachment in order to “live”. While this is just conjecture, fans will no doubt learn more as King in Black and Venom continues from Donny Cates and Marvel Comics.

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