TNT Oddly Has DC Movie Marathon in Honor of Captain Marvel Cable Premiere

TNT is gearing up for the cable premiere of 2019’s Captain Marvel and in honor of that premiere they, for some reason, will air a slew of DC films.

Captain Marvel is set to have its cable premiere on TNT and in honor of the premiere they will, for some reason, be airing a DC movie marathon. Carol Danvers made her MCU debut in 2019. Brie Larson plays the titular role and she was the first female in the MCU to carry her own film. Critical reception to the film was generally positive, but the film was marred by trolling online, including review bombing the film on Rotten Tomatoes.

The DCEU, which Captain Marvel is obviously not a part of, has emerged as the MCU’s prime competitor. They’ve stumbled over the years, however, failing to put together a cohesive franchise in the same way Marvel has. As the MCU prepares for a banner year in 2021, the DCEU is still floundering. DC Films will only release one film this year, The Suicide Squad, after Robert Pattinson starrer The Batman was pushed back into 2022. All eyes are on the future of the DCEU, though, as they, too, prepare to launch a grand endeavor similar to the MCU’s.

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The two have never officially met, and likely never will, but TNT seems to be doing their best to try and bring the competing franchises together. Captain Marvel will premiere on the cable network on Sunday, January 10. Prior to that film’s cable premier, they will air a marathon of certain DC films. Among those films are DCEU movies Suicide Squad, Justice League, Wonder Woman, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Man of Steel, in that order. Batman Begins, the first entry in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, is thrown in for good measure.

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The DC movie marathon is a strange way to celebrate the premiere of a movie that has nothing to do with the franchise. Even more curious is the order in which the movies will air. Not only will they not air in the order they are released, but they won’t even be airing in any sort of order that communicates a cohesive DCEU timeline. Man of Steel, the film that kicked off the DCEU, airs last. Suicide Squad airs first, which is a strange choice considering its tangential connection to the larger DCEU. Both Justice League and Wonder Woman air before Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, the first film to bring together Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

Outside of the absolutely strange order in which the films will be airing in, the fact that they are airing ahead of Captain Marvel at all is an interesting choice. While Marvel and DC likely have no control over TNT’s programming, it’s safe to say that they, too, find this a curious situation. The only real connection between the two franchises is their competing against each other. Still, it’s an easy way to hype up the film’s premiere – while Marvel and DC may have two distinct fanbases, the casual channel surfer may not have the passion that a more dedicated fan would. Captain Marvel is likely to play an integral role in the MCU’s future and the film itself is a fun origin story, if not particularly formula breaking. The cable premiere, for anyone who still watches cable, will be exciting and just a little bit confusing considering the movies that are coming before it.

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