The Green Goblin Succeeds Where Spider-Man Failed

In the latest issue of Amazing Spider-Man, Green Goblin just did what Peter Parker had been failing to do, and actually saved the day from Kindred.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Amazing Spider-Man #56 from Nick Spencer and Mark Bagley

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Amazing Spider-Manthe Green Goblin succeeds where Spider-Man has been failing lately. With the new foe Kindred tormenting Spider-Man in order to get him to confess his greatest sin, this resurrected demon version of Harry Osborn has taken not just the web-slinger captive, but also many of his Spider friends and allies – including Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen. However, Green Goblin arrives on the scene, and surprisingly manages to save them all while also trapping Kindred.

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In previous issues of Amazing Spider-Man from writer Nick Spencer, Kindred brought the Sin-Eater back to life in order to go after various criminals, cleansing them of their sins, while also absorbing their powers for Kindred to later absorb and use to corrupt many of Spider-Man’s allies. Sin-Eater also cleansed the sins of Norman Osborn, but the Sin-Eater’s recent death seems to have restored the sins and criminal natures back to their original hosts, and it was thought that Norman reverted back to his old Goblin self as well. This seemed to be evident by Norman’s team-up with Mayor Wilson Fisk to destroy Kindred once and for all (but not before manipulating Kindred for their own personal desires).

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However, it’s revealed in Amazing Spider-Man #56 that Norman really was cured of his sins and his Goblin persona, simply playing the part of the villain he once was in order to trick the former Kingpin into helping him contain Kindred within the Darkforce Dimension. In reality, Norman was also working with Mary Jane Watson in order to create a diversion to keep Harry distracted, allowing Kingpin to trap Kindred which also provided Spider-Man’s loved ones a means to escape, something Peter Parker himself had been failing to do.

With Kindred now in custody at Ravencroft, Norman has revealed to his trapped son his whole secret plan and true intentions, hoping to eventually save him and bring him back as the Harry he once was. Norman truly seems like a changed man, and it seems as though he’s finally rid himself of the insanity and madness of the Goblin serum. However, it seems as though Norman won’t have to convince just Harry of his genuine altruistic desires. He’ll also have to prove his new outlook and mission to Spider-Man as well.

It seems doubtful that Spider-Man will believe in Green Goblin’s changed heart right off the bat. There’s simply too much bad blood between them, and Norman is definitely going to have to prove himself over time with future issues. However, he did save Spider-Man’s loved ones when Spider-Man himself couldn’t, so that has to at least count for something. Will Spider-Man and Green Goblin work together once more to try and restore Harry, while they evade the power of the Kingpin, or will they be divided about Harry’s fate? Fans will have to wait and see as Amazing Spider-Man continues from Marvel Comics.

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