Rust: How to Craft Better Equipment (The Easy Way)

Rust is a difficult and scary world to be dropped into considering players start out defenseless. This guide shows players how to get better gear.

Facing off against other players in Rust can be a very dangerous but rewarding experience for players no matter what their skill level is. This is particularly true for anyone playing on some of the more challenging and more player packed servers. The most important aspect of ensuring that the player can survive more than just a few moments is to have access to high-quality equipment as soon as possible.

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The best way to obtain good equipment is by crafting it as soon as the player possibly can. Crafting has always been a significant aspect of Rust, so players who want to survive as long as possible will need to understand these mechanics well. This is especially true when it comes to crafting some of the more high-quality gear in Rust. This guide shows players how to craft better equipment.

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Rust – How to Craft Better Equipment

When players begin a game of Rust they will only have access to lower quality tools and gear that can be crafted. While these items are useful at first, they tend to break very easily and aren’t as efficient as higher quality items. This means to perform better in the game and survive for a longer period of time the player will need new tools.

In order to do this, the player will first want to start keeping an eye out for blueprints or higher quality gear tucked away throughout the world. By opening up barrels and chests the player will sometimes find blueprints that in turn give the player more recipes to create better tools. If players find a weapon or tool that they don’t currently have a blueprint for they can then take it back to their base and use a workbench to create a blueprint for it. This enables the player to then craft it whenever they wish.

There are two very important items that players will want to create if they want to craft better items. They are:

  • Workbench – The standard workbench will cost the player 500 Wood, 100 Metal Fragments, and 50 Scrap. This will allow them to make use of some of the more advanced blueprints, but there is a second and third level tier of workbench for even more complicated equipment.
  • Furnace – The starting furnace will require 200 Stones, 100 Wood, and 50 Low-Grade Fuel. Once players have access to this they will be able to make things like Metal Fragments, Charcoal, and Sulfur. These in turn can be used at the workbench to create some of the best weapons in the game.

Once players have access to these objects and the correct recipes, it is a pretty simple process to begin crafting the right items. All the player has to do then is go out and grab things like Metal Ore, refine it in the furnace to get Metal Fragments, and then combine it with other resources at the workbench to get some solid weapons.

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Rust can be played on PC.

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