Riverdale Season 5 Casts Chris Mason As Veronica’s Controlling Husband

In a move that solidifies just how much will have changed in Riverdale season 5, actor Chris Mason has been cast as Veronica’s controlling husband.

In a move that solidifies just how much will have changed in Riverdale season 5, actor Chris Mason has been cast as Veronica’s controlling husband. The CW released their edgy spin on Archie Comics in 2017, and, with the help of a streaming run on Netflix, watched it transform into the latest YA sensation. Riverdale centers on the Archie characters fans know and love as they grapple with decidedly different obstacles than those in the comics, such as serial killers and cults. Throughout all of the insane plots, Riverdale has fostered a dedicated fanbase and remains one of the most talked-about shows on TV.

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Riverdale season 5, which will premiere later this month, plans to switch things up in a major way. The first few episodes of the season will bring season 4’s story to a close (as it was interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic) before launching its characters seven years into the future. Riverdale‘s time jump will see the likes of Archie (KJ Apa), Veronica (Camila Mendes), and Betty (Lili Reinhart) well past their college years as they return to town for, presumably, some new mystery.

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The time jump has opened up a multitude of story possibilities for Riverdale, and it already sounds like showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and the writers are taking full advantage of that. According to Deadline, British actor Chris Mason (Broadchurch) has joined Riverdale in the recurring role of Chad Gekko, Veronica’s husband. Yes, husband. He’s described as a controlling and jealous partner who works on Wall Street and is threatened by Veronica’s Riverdale life, particularly when it comes to Archie. He’ll be introduced in season 5’s fourth episode.

Chris Mason on Broadchurch

Clearly, Veronica and Archie are no more by the time Riverdale‘s time jump settles. The first trailer for Riverdale season 5 teased Veronica discovering Archie and Betty’s brief dalliance, which could cause a rift between “Varchie”. If the two split before going off to college, it will be interesting to see how they interact with each other once they reunite in the future. Additionally, Chad’s initial character description appears to set him up as a villain; could his actions toward Veronica result in a change in her personality?

The upcoming Riverdale time jump has left fans with a lot of questions, yet much of where it will find the characters remains to be seen. It’s already been confirmed that actress Vanessa Morgan’s real-life pregnancy will be written into the show, so fans at least know to expect an expecting Toni. When it comes to relationships and professions, however, there’s a lot to be discovered. Thankfully, there’s only a few weeks to go before Riverdale returns for more shocking twists and turns.

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Riverdale season 5 premieres on January 20 on the CW.

Source: Deadline

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