Removing Likes & Other Changes Explained

The social media giant is rolling out a simpler layout for Pages for celebrities and other creators that also incorporates a dedicated News Feed.

Facebook announced Wednesday it is rolling out a redesign for Pages that replaces Likes with Follows and also adds other changes aimed at improving the user’s experience. Facebook has been making a number of changes recently and while ones like this are designed to improve functionality and experience, others have been the result of recent events. Here’s a closer look at what’s now changed with Pages and how they are likely to benefit users of the social media platform.

Facebook Pages are public profile pages set up for celebrities, companies and other types of creators and influencers. Designed as a way to publicize a person or product, Pages offer a somewhat different experience than traditional profile pages. For example, a Page can have multiple admins or editors and these people not only add content, but can also schedule ads and promotions to run on the Page. None of which is changing with the new design.

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The new simplified look for Facebook Pages brings changes that supposedly will make them easier to navigate for both the owner and followers. This includes making it easier for users to see a Page’s bio, posts and other content. However, perhaps the biggest change is that people will no longer Like a Page, but Follow it instead. This may sound more like semantics, but Facebook explains the difference is that, unlike with Likes, followers represent who can actually receive updates from a Page. This will help the celebrity, influencer or whoever the public figure happens to be, have a better idea of who their fans are.

A Dedicated News Feed & Other Changes

In addition to Follows, Pages will now get a dedicated News Feed. This means that now, like a regular Facebook user, a Page can join conversations, follow trends and interact with other users. In Page conversations, comments from other public figures will appear at the top of the section so they’re more visible in a follower’s News Feed. Users will also be able to Follow the Page directly from a comment or recommendation post. To help the Page better interact with others on Facebook, the News Feed will also suggest other Pages, Groups and trending content for it to connect with. In the redesign, text-based Q&As can also be created on the Page itself, so the personality or admins can discuss a topic with followers.

The new design also adds new Page management features, such as assigning admin access privileges based on particular tasks. Previously, different users could be assigned different Roles, which came with varying levels of access to the page. In the new design, users can be given admin access related to such tasks as Insights, Ads, Content, and Community Activity & Messages. This allows for greater control over who can add what to the Page. Facebook says it has also improved its ability to detect hate speech, spam and other negative content, and is making verified badges more visible so it’s easier to see if a post or comment is coming from an authentic Page or profile.

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