Marvel’s Strangest Thor Ever Is Back

Many different takes on Thor have come and gone over the years but the God of Thunder’s latest book sees the return of a fan favorite.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Thor #11.

Fans have seen some pretty outlandish takes on Thor in the past. There’s the horse-faced alien Beta Ray Bill, the DC crossover Superman hybrid Thor-El, even the likes of Storm and – more recently – Jane Foster have wielded the God of Thunder’s power. But now a fan favorite and undeniably weird spin on the character is literally leaping back onto the page in the form of Throg, the frog version of Thor.

The pages of Thor #11 from Donny Cates and Nic Klein finds the God of Thunder still banished in a hellish alternate dimension. In a convoluted plot, he revised his human alter-ego/host Donald Blake, but things are not well with Thor’s second self. Blake has gone mad and the moment he has Thor’s power, he banishes the god to this Hellscape before taking autonomy of the body and its powers. He’s since defeated many of Thor’s friends and foes alike, absorbing their power in the process, and this latest issue seems to imply he’s still on the hunt.

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Following a reunion with Jane Foster – who Blake is shocked to learn once took on the mantle – the issue’s final pages find Blake in a swamp in the heat of battle with an unseen, thunder-controlling opponent. From the looks of it, Blake is on the losing end. He’s shambling and tattered as he demands his mysterious foe stops hiding and reveals himself. The final panels see this off-page character reply, “I wasn’t hiding. I was hunting. Now get up… And run!” The ultimate page gives the big reveal that the opponent giving Blake so much trouble was none other than Throg, the Frog of Thunder. Backing him up is Lockjaw, the Inhumans’ teleporting canine.

For anyone unfamiliar, yes there is a frog version of Thor. In fact, there’s kind of been more than one. Thor himself was once transformed into a god-like frog by the scheming Loki. In another storyline, a new character, the human Simon Walterson, was transformed into a frog by magic. This frog-Walterson (who took on the name Puddlegulp in his new amphibian form) eventually gains the powers of Thor when he wields a sliver of metal that chipped off of the hero’s hammer. While it’s not clearly stated which version of Throg this is, the safe bet is almost certainly the Walterson/Puddlegulp version, especially since he often fought alongside Lockjaw as part of the Pet Avengers.

The last time readers had seen the Frog of Thunder was in the pages of Asgardians of the Galaxy in which Throg was seemingly killed in a battle with the forces of the Dark Elf Malekith. However, it was revealed toward the end of that series that Throg was alive and well, having taken up life in a swamp where he looks over the local wildlife. Cates had actually teased the return of Throg months ago on Twitter, much to fans’ delight, saying this new Thor script was his “favorite thing (he’s) written at Marvel in a long time,” and asking, “Who knew writing a frog would be so much fun“?

As if the return of Throg wasn’t enough to get excited about, he isn’t the only alternate Thor once again gracing comic book pages. Marvel announced in December that Beta Ray Bill will be getting a solo book following the events of the King in Black arc. So there’s plenty of exciting stuff coming for Thor fans, no matter which version of the character they prefer.

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